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If you're going to do it more than once, you should automate it!
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Bringing efficiency back with digital transformations

It’s one thing to be connected to the cloud, it’s another thing to have everything work for you seamlessly. Reporting done instantaneously, invoices sent as soon as tasks are completed – you can simply integrate everything together and remove the admin clutter – automate the mundane so you can do the real stuff!

We eliminate the mistakes associated with current business systems by creating integrated and automated solutions that work at multiple levels of your business. It can link to your website or simply be a standalone solution – it’s connecting the physical world into digital through IoT systems (i.e. Flic buttons), barcode scanners, tablets and smartphones.

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Automate the world so you can focus on your business

Taking on a digital transformation is more than data, it’s all about transforming the way you work through the systems you already have. The technical applications are endless.

Here are some of our latest integrations:

  • Forum optimization
  • Advanced donation system
  • Member management (login)
  • Multi-User portal
  • Integration with booking systems
  • Integration with 3rd party catering systems
  • Custom CMS creation
  • Integration with key project management software
  • Syncing with online streaming software
  • Custom PDF catalogue generator
  • Dealer/wholesale price logins
  • Mouse tracking imagery
  • Social media integration
  • Flic button integration
  • IoT integration

Integration & Automation


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