A Hunter ___ a Bear..

Mischievously fun advertising twist on YouTube videos. I’m sure we’ve all clicked on a YouTube video or two that weren’t exactly what we expected, this one was definitely NOT what we expected!

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Transforming Sofa – Touch Pad Controlled

Stylish, futuristic and practical Sofa that opens up like a palm, creating a bed or a chaise longue or whatever you want to use it for? YES PLEASE!

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Ben the Bodyguard

Usually it is a pure pain to scroll endlessly on a website before finding the information you need. This website’s simple yet clever design really changed our minds!

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BMW Flash Projection

Amazing idea executed by BMW, taking advertising to another level using a simple method I’m sure you are already aware of. This maybe one of those concepts that truly encapsulates the idea of strong advertising that “stays in your head”.

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Designer Scrabble

A fresh look to a very classic board game. Not many people are excited about typography, which sparked designer Andrew Clifford Capener’s attempt to revive an old but loved game.

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