Arial vs. Helvetica, Round 1, Fight!


When people think of website design, they often overlook the choice of font. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman or even the cringe-worthy Comic Sans are usually the common choice but the range of fonts to choose from is endless.

Fonts can tell you much about the kind of site you’re on – they can subliminally convey atmosphere, driving your point home or can highlight importance in headlines. But when used incorrectly, fonts can send the wrong message, be annoying to read, or even flat-out repel people. So here is a quick 101 on fonts:

WHOA Man, It’s A Double Rainbow!

Double Rainbow

Colour is incredibly important in design, both web and otherwise. When seen in the sky, it also has the ability to make an individual emotionally unstable (major LOL). On a serious note, the colours that a company chooses can send across quite a specific message. They can influence emotions, evoking a sense of danger, hunger, or desire; they can also have their own significance and meanings. Let’s take a quick look at what different emotions and feelings that colours can actually trigger.

I’ll Have a Mickey D’s Hashtag With That

Social Media

Being web designers and developers, we know more than anyone else that social networks are an industry must. As of March 2012, there were 901 million monthly active users on Facebook – more than one tenth of the world’s population. There are 175 million registered accounts on Twitter. 147 million members on LinkedIn. Companies and businesses now have a unique way to instantly reach more people than ever.

Creatives Lego design ideas

Everyone loves Lego, who doesn’t really. But you can extend Lego beyond just building castles and cars. I read this great article on creative ways (15 actually) that you could use your spare Lego for, everything from key holders to renovating your kitchen (can’t imagine how much Lego you would have to get to make it happen – perhaps they could do it at Lego headquarters in Billund, Denmark).

lego wall art design

Typography Personality & Purpose

3 Fracmetrica Font

Typography is all about visual expression that compliments the verbal language. In simple terms the fonts we use.

When it comes to content, we can use the same words but applying a different fonts or type, we can actually change the meaning. Typography itself changes emotions and expresses individuality. It can say a lot about a brand, help you to better understand a product characteristic or frame a design. A rather simple straight and thin font may compliment a design that is modern and sophisticated, whilst a wider bolder type may show strength, urgency or convey a serious statement. Used in smart combination with colours, typography can make a world of difference to a simple piece.