Unconventional And Unusual

As web designers, we can sometimes get trapped in the conventional realm, adhering to certain inescapable “fundamentals” in web design. This limits much creativity, that is supposed to be inherent in this creative profession, which then seems almost paradoxical. Breaking convention, thinking (and acting) outside the box, often seems like a big no-no, as our comfort zone revolves around fixed positions with headers (at the top, amazing!), footers (at the bottom, mind blown!), content, search bars, social media icons, and the list goes on.

The Write Website Copy

When it comes to effective marketing, it is imperitive that you utilise fantastic copy. If you want to get that perfect direct response from your marketing material, you need to make sure your copy is top notch.

When it comes to getting the right balance of copy on a website, it can be a real juggling act. Too little, no one will know what you’re selling. Too much text, no ones going to read it. So how much should you write and are there ways of making it look more presentable? READ MORE