Website Elements That Make You Cringe

Being a digital studio and having been web designers and developers for so long, we all know what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately not all our clients are aware of the no no’s of the industry (or that times have changed and that we’ve moved away from using Notepad to edit HTML).


So in honour of this, we’ve put together a list of 5 simple things that annoy users (and us) in website design and development:

Cool Movie Poster, Bro

Most of us enjoy going to the movies (I’m generalising, so sue me). Like the regular theatre patron, I’m constantly bombarded by movie posters of upcoming blockbusters, informing me that Harry Potter And The Mystery Of Ron Being Ed Sheeran Part 5.65 (of a 20 part sequel) is coming out in 2015, and the like. These posters are meant to engage my attention, to make me hold my pants in anticipation for 3 years until the movie finally premieres, I watch it, and am bitterly disappointed that I have been holding (and wearing) the same pants for the last 36 months.


Instructional Diagrams

They say a pictures speaks a thousand words, and sometimes its just easier to under (who likes reading loads of text anyway, perhaps that’s why Youtube’s doing really well). Anyway, I came across this website that mixes the power of vector illustrations with fun educational “facts” (for parents). This might not mean anything to you if you’re not a parent, but for those who are, it cracks me up because we all know its true, though I’m yet to experience the “Donkey Kong”.

Pillow Fort


So we all know the world is a bit iCrazy when it comes to Apple products. But body-piercing artist Dave Hurban has taken it to the next level, piercing 4 magnets in his wrist area, with the sole intention of holding an iPod Nano into place.


Please, Do It At Home

Well well, it’s another manic Monday! Let’s kick things off with a lesson on social etiquette, courtesy from our friends in Japan. The kind folks that run their subway system have deemed it necessary to post some informative signs on how to behave properly trains. I find it a little ironic though, as the Japanese are considered to be a very polite society as a whole.

Anyway, the designs made for these PSA posters are nothing short of hilarious (while being highly educational :))!

Do It At Home