Winning Website Oscars?

Congratulations to all the Oscar winners this year, but what does it take to win awards for Websites? Let’s start by examining some of the past winners from two of the most prestigious sources of web awards.

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WordPress vs Silverstripe

wordpress vs silverstripe

The top digital agencies in Australia have definitely started to use and promote Silverstripe over the well established WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System) of choice. Although slightly detached from the rest of the world down here in Melbourne, I think that nerdin’ it websites and hanging out with other super geeks at the office gives me some credibility here!

SEO vs SEM for Businesses 2013

Search engine statistics vary constantly. Despite this in most developed countries and definitely Australia, Google has at the very least 90%+ of the market share currently.

2013 brings new fears and new exciting opportunities for businesses of all sizes when it comes to Google. The age old battle of SEO vs SEM – what’s the verdict this year?!
seo vs sem