10 Hidden Website Easter Eggs!

website easter eggs With Easter literally just around the corner, before you stuff your face with chocolate Easter eggs check out these hidden amusements commonly known as “Easter eggs” on the web. From internet giants like Google and Facebook to your average commercial website, there are many unseen treasures beneath that HTML code!

An eye for detail – A web designer perspective

Eye for detail

As a web design firm, we meet many different clients with varying briefs, wants and needs.
When it comes down to design, these are the things we take particular care in considering whilst coming up with new fresh winning designs. These go hand in hand with some of the web design trends in 2013.

Responsive Web Design Sucks: Image & Text Tools

Tetris Fail

Nearly three years ago an article on A List Apart titled “Responsive Web Design” sparked an absolute storm in the web design community. The increased difficulty and time required to accomplish responsive web design is why it sucks! Responsive web design is probably here to stay at least in the foreseeable future, this series of posts provides some insight into useful resources that hopefully aid designers and developers. You can find part one here: Responsive Web Design Sucks.

When should you Agile?

Agile is an iterative software development paradigm that still scares a lot of clients when we talk to them about it. Strangely so, as it’s supposed to allow for adaptability like changing requirements, which happens pretty much in every project. Why is this the case? We first have to delve into what agile is and what it means for software or web development.


15 Inspirational Australian Websites

Australian made websites

Yes I am a proud Australian hailing from Melbourne. Although our web design and development is probably not as well known as our sporting heroes or our famous wildlife, there are some great Aussie websites that are highly recommended for inspiration and tick the right design boxes. Here are some recent examples, check them out!