Responsive Web Design Sucks: Flexible & Fluid Grids

demotivational poster tetris Majority of the web design community are behind Responsive Web Design (RWD) and rightly so as this concept of web pages that adapt to the browsing device is most likely here to stay. You can find my last two posts in this responsive web design tools series here: Responsive Web Design Planning Tools and Responsive Web Design Text and Image Tools.

There’s actually quite a few flexible and fluid grid tools for responsive web design out there, these are few that were very useful for myself and helped save time. Check them out!

Awesome Uses of Typography in Web Design

typography web design

Some say that typography is a 2013 design trend, but typography has always been fundamental to design. For many centuries, styling text has been used to effectively communicate messages. Mastering typography for web design is no doubt a skill that will never become obsolete.

League of Legends, Facebook & Google – The Three Kings

google facebook league of legends kings

Currently three of the internet’s biggest names – Google, Facebook and League of Legends. What does the king of Search Engines, Social Media and Online Video Games have in common? What can we learn from these ridiculously successful businesses?