SVG Images for Web Design

svg comparison

Images have always been an integral part of web design, “a picture tells a thousand words” is a phrase often thrown around and rings very true even in the online world. Without a doubt images are becoming increasingly important with faster connection speeds and the popularity of large screen mobile and tablet devices.

Web designers and developers are often faced with the dilemma of image formats, which can sometimes be an area of difference and debate. There are four main types of image formats often used in websites, with SVG being the definite underdog in terms of usage (source: w3techs image file formats for websites).

This will be a brief introduction about these image formats whilst focusing on the lesser used SVG format.

23 Beautiful Hotel Web Designs for Inspiration

beautiful hotel web designs

Hotels and travel websites are some of the most frequently visited websites on the internet. It really is no surprise that the need to deliver a convincing user experience is particularly important for the travel industry. With the ever increasing popularity of websites such as Trip Advisor, Wotif and Expedia – It is an absolute online marketing crime to have a disappointing Hotel website.

Hotel websites are most likely new clients’ first impression and the first chance to present them with outstanding services and the magical atmosphere that is being offered. During my search for inspirational hotel website designs, it was utterly strange to see 5-star luxury hotels being represented by a barely 1-star websites.

Here are some beautiful hotel website designs that represent their brand, with a focus on overall design, creativity and usability. Check them out and let me know what you think!