Brands Upping their Game on Social Media


We’ve cruised through the year’s best and worst, but the year isn’t done yet!

Starting last year and up to recent months, we’ve been witness to some impressive social media campaigns gracing our television and computer screens. From YouTube to Facebook, Twitter to Vine, Pinterest to Instagram, we’ve seen brands clamouring for attention, breaking barriers for their business campaigns and battling to become the latest trend.

Here are some of the most successful brands upping their “social media game”.


League of Legends, Facebook & Google – The Three Kings

google facebook league of legends kings

Currently three of the internet’s biggest names – Google, Facebook and League of Legends. What does the king of Search Engines, Social Media and Online Video Games have in common? What can we learn from these ridiculously successful businesses?

I’ll Have a Mickey D’s Hashtag With That

Social Media

Being web designers and developers, we know more than anyone else that social networks are an industry must. As of March 2012, there were 901 million monthly active users on Facebook – more than one tenth of the world’s population. There are 175 million registered accounts on Twitter. 147 million members on LinkedIn. Companies and businesses now have a unique way to instantly reach more people than ever.