Awesome Uses of Typography in Web Design

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Some say that typography is a 2013 design trend, but typography has always been fundamental to design. For many centuries, styling text has been used to effectively communicate messages. Mastering typography for web design is no doubt a skill that will never become obsolete.

Arial vs. Helvetica, Round 1, Fight!


When people think of website design, they often overlook the choice of font. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman or even the cringe-worthy Comic Sans are usually the common choice but the range of fonts to choose from is endless.

Fonts can tell you much about the kind of site you’re on – they can subliminally convey atmosphere, driving your point home or can highlight importance in headlines. But when used incorrectly, fonts can send the wrong message, be annoying to read, or even flat-out repel people. So here is a quick 101 on fonts:

Typography Personality & Purpose

3 Fracmetrica Font

Typography is all about visual expression that compliments the verbal language. In simple terms the fonts we use.

When it comes to content, we can use the same words but applying a different fonts or type, we can actually change the meaning. Typography itself changes emotions and expresses individuality. It can say a lot about a brand, help you to better understand a product characteristic or frame a design. A rather simple straight and thin font may compliment a design that is modern and sophisticated, whilst a wider bolder type may show strength, urgency or convey a serious statement. Used in smart combination with colours, typography can make a world of difference to a simple piece.

Designer Scrabble

A fresh look to a very classic board game. Not many people are excited about typography, which sparked designer Andrew Clifford Capener’s attempt to revive an old but loved game.

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