Our Office is a Pokemon Pokestop!

Chromatix Pokestop

“So much sweet Pokeball goodness”

With the launch of Pokemon Go (Australia) last week, swarms have taken to the streets on the weekend and from the looks of it, the addiction doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

I don’t know about you, but when you work in a digital agency, it’s hard to ignore the latest and greatest in technology. “Gaming at work” is such an ugly phrase, we prefer “thorough digital research and testing”. It makes it twice as bad when our office itself is a Pokestop (well, it’s only a stone’s throw behind us which practically makes the whole office a treasure trove full of sweet Pokeball goodness).

With the majority of our staff being Pokemon fans, we’re bound to stumble across a few “productivity issues” in the office.


WHOA Man, It’s A Double Rainbow!

Double Rainbow

Colour is incredibly important in design, both web and otherwise. When seen in the sky, it also has the ability to make an individual emotionally unstable (major LOL). On a serious note, the colours that a company chooses can send across quite a specific message. They can influence emotions, evoking a sense of danger, hunger, or desire; they can also have their own significance and meanings. Let’s take a quick look at what different emotions and feelings that colours can actually trigger.

Turbocharge Your Website

Like the rest of the modern world, I hate it when load times are ridiculously slow. This may be reflective of the Gen Y era (I want everything, NOW!), but truth is, with all the modern advancements in internet speed and computer technology, I feel like there is no excuse for sluggish performance. From a user perspective, I instantly become disinterested with sites that take 10 years to load. So we must bear this factor in mind, in terms of web design practices.

Unconventional And Unusual

As web designers, we can sometimes get trapped in the conventional realm, adhering to certain inescapable “fundamentals” in web design. This limits much creativity, that is supposed to be inherent in this creative profession, which then seems almost paradoxical. Breaking convention, thinking (and acting) outside the box, often seems like a big no-no, as our comfort zone revolves around fixed positions with headers (at the top, amazing!), footers (at the bottom, mind blown!), content, search bars, social media icons, and the list goes on.