Iconfinder Artist Spotlights #1

Iconfinder Artist Highlight

We love to honour artists and designers for the great work they do. We just wanted to take a moment to highlight a few creative contributors to Iconfinder because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good icon!

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Responsive Web Design Sucks: Image & Text Tools

Tetris Fail

Nearly three years ago an article on A List Apart titled “Responsive Web Design” sparked an absolute storm in the web design community. The increased difficulty and time required to accomplish responsive web design is why it sucks! Responsive web design is probably here to stay at least in the foreseeable future, this series of posts provides some insight into useful resources that hopefully aid designers and developers. You can find part one here: Responsive Web Design Sucks.

Responsive Web Design Sucks: Part 1

Responsive Web Design is all the rage right now. It’s absolutely not surprising as it not only caters for different screen sizes and devices (tablets, phones, computers, laptops…etc), but it’s simply really really cool when you see a website’s design completely transform and morph into different layouts when a browser is resized.

But to be honest, it sucks for web designers. It means more design considerations, a higher chance of error, more client requirements, more time and basically more work! Thankfully there are plenty of useful tools for responsive web design already. This will be a series of detailed blogs that introduce some of the most useful tools to make designing responsive web design suck less for web designers. This week I’ll be going through some of the most useful tools for getting started with responsive web design.

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Ben the Bodyguard

Usually it is a pure pain to scroll endlessly on a website before finding the information you need. This website’s simple yet clever design really changed our minds!

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