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Providing digital artistry for a proclaimed artist.

Completing work for world-renowned brands like HP, Mastercard, Uniqlo & Google, who does the master of the artistically unconventional: Red Hong Yi, known for her use of bulk materials to make stunning art, call when she needs a website?

After being inspired by her amazing pieces, Chromatix endeavoured to bring her style and class to the digital realm. The brief was simple – to showcase her exquisite design pieces whilst highlighting her unique design style.

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Sharing is Caring

When you make art of Red’s quality, you need to share it. Red needed a way to show the world her amazing creations, but also a way to share the heart of the piece – after all, art’s expression is the search for meaning! So what was on the cards to deliver:

  • A visual site that captures users – with the art as the focus 
  • A blog to keep fans up-to-date with all things Red Hong Yi
  • An easy to use website that was highly accessible across mobile devices
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Web Design & Development

Combining our user-centric design style with custom IP developed muscle, we work with common CMS’s like WordPress and Magento all the way to custom build websites.

Analytics & Tracking

Full strategy sessions, training up marketing team to ongoing consultancy, our team will help you to turn data and information into actionable knowledge and wisdom.

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Creating a beautiful solution to house the art of the master of unconventionality was a journey in bridging a burst of visual elegance and adventure with a foundation of minimalism.

Desktop and Mobile Views of Red Hong Yi Website Showcasing Portfolio Pages

My clients have been incredibly impressed with this visually stunning site. It's made a real impact in how I showcase my work and a real difference in conversions.

Red Hong Yi
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