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Housing a wealth of knowledge for a global brand.

Motorola is a significant leader in the telecommunications industry with a global reputation. Renowned for its leading edge technology and for setting benchmarks in the industry, they have elevated the lives of millions. With such exponential growth, Motorola Australia developed and realised the need for a stronger digital presence to effectively share and house their locally produced articles, case studies, PR and press releases.

  • Creators of the mobile communications industry, protocols and technologies to make mobile communications possible
  • Leaders and innovators in communications

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Web Design & Development

  • Well-structured display to house and curate growing library of news and articles 
  • Effective megamenu to organise information in a logical way
  • Engaging user journey to deliver relevant content and also lead user through site to other articles of interest 
  • Utilisation of SVG icon animation to heighten fluid user experience

Functionality & Implementation

  • Use of WordPress formats to allow editors to optimise content and custom queries that allow for flexible content changes 
  • Seamless integration of contact forms into a rigid legacy system 
  • Fast caching with acceleration in server provider speed to deliver content with increased loadspeed
  • Adherence of strict hosting and security guidelines, with delivery of extra resources upon deployment  to ensure a smooth experience 
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With close collaboration with third party vendors and internal content creators, we were able to develop a bespoke system that ticked all the boxes in security, maintenance & backend ease.

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Creating an Engaging Data Platform

Motorola Australia required a platform that housed and presented easily accessible and relevant news, and encouraged users to share articles of interest through the top social media services, marketing channels and even through more traditional forms of email. This needed to represent their vision to be leaders at the forefront of their industry and enhance their global credibility as a brand.

The holistic solution we delivered is a minimal yet dynamic user experience, paired with subtle and elegant animations, supported by a strong development backend. With a simple yet structured layout, the site is highly optimised for mobile users to engage and digest information, to ultimately increase readership and grow a strong following within the local Australian audience.

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With so much information from so many various categories, it was imperative to get the structure of the site correct from day one. From there, we've been able to deliver a site that empowers the team to manage their own content in full.

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