A picture speaks a thousand (Chinese) words

Irwin Hau | Illustration

Our latest inspiration piece – Chinese Character Illustrations, came about after learning that certain English words are sometimes made up of two or three Chinese characters combined. This discovery gave…

8 hours with 15,000 pieces of Candy – Willy Wonka Poster

Irwin Hau | Advertising

“We’ve always been told that we shouldn’t play with our food.” To mark the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s deliciously delightful novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, online magazine Don’t Panic…

Iconfinder Artist Spotlights #1

Irwin Hau | Illustration

We love to honour artists and designers for the great work they do. We just wanted to take a moment to highlight a few creative contributors to Iconfinder because, let’s…

Instructional Diagrams

Irwin Hau | Illustration

They say a pictures speaks a thousand words, and sometimes its just easier to under (who likes reading loads of text anyway, perhaps that’s why Youtube’s doing really well). Anyway,…

Please, Do It At Home

Irwin Hau | Illustration

Well well, it’s another manic Monday! Let’s kick things off with a lesson on social etiquette, courtesy from our friends in Japan. The kind folks that run their subway system…

Replace Face

Josh | Illustration

OK this is just too awesome to not share. Celebrities as Russian Generals? Mind blown.