Full service digital agency – Your personal online marketing & business automation team


Digital Strategy


As a full service Digital Agency, we meet with all available stakeholders to determine the optimal digital strategy for a business. Understanding the heart of a business is crucial and careful consideration will also be given to how any new development will affect internal process’ within an organisation. Some of the necessary activities may include the following:

  • - Digital Strategy & Consultancy
  • - Business Case Development
  • - Requirements Analysis & Project Scoping
  • - Project Management & Collaboration

Web Design


The web design process begins long before our designers hit the drawing board, as from the initial meeting our account managers and creative team are already forming an understanding of a creative strategy based on an understanding of the client’s organisation and goals. We deliver Interface design, wireframes and prototype designs for clients’ to review and approve.

  • - Creative Concepts & Strategy
  • - User Interface Design
  • - Wireframes & Prototyping

Digital Business Consultancy


We assist companies by providing high quality advice on integrating digital tools and resources that can innovate businesses models. Our expert consultants work closely with your business to build strategies and plans that optimizes operations and enhancing efficiency by defining KPIs. Some of our services include

  • - Identifying methods that helps achieve business goals
  • - Enhancing business systems and infrastructure
  • - Transforming legacy IT and digital systems to achieve sustained business results

Web Development


The web developers are the heroes hiding amongst the shadows at Chromatix. Only revealing themselves to the client to take technical specifications at meetings, otherwise they are busy building your website with some of the following technologies below. The development phase includes vigorous testing and review point(s) for the client.

  • - Open Source Programming (PHP)
  • - SQL, MySQL Database Programming
  • - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • - WordPress Custom Development
  • - Magento Custom Development
  • - Expression Engine Custom Development
  • - Non-CMS Custom Development



The internet is the new marketplace for buying and selling. As consumers move to the internet to purchase, our eCommerce solutions allow existing and new retails to migrate online smoothly and quickly. Our solutions include:

  • - eCommerce Strategy
  • - Conversion & ROI Analysis
  • - Sales Reporting &CRM Integration
  • - Payment Gateway Setup
  • - eCommerce Security
  • - Magento eCommerce & Custom Plug-ins



As more business aim to make money through sales and marketing, we often forget that saving money is just as effective. The best way to do this is to eliminate the wasted time on repetitive tasks. We use API integrations and custom solutions to make your business run at a press of a button

  • - Automatically generate Xero timesheets
  • - Turn your most hated paperwork into one-click wonders
  • -Integrate with CRM Systems

Transforming Digitally


Business has changed as quickly as our melbourne weather, gone are the days of pen and paper reporting and now it's about real time analysis of business data. Here at Chromatix we guide you through the process of bringing your data to the digital age but, teach you to get the most out of every piece of data.

  • - Creation of automated reporting systems
  • - Creation of Multi-user Sales Portals
  • - Creation of Product calculator and enquiry tools



Having a great solution is just the start, the real magic comes from the data that it brings. Understanding website traffic and online conversions is an integral part of any successful online campaign or site. We have expertise in all the following:

  • - Website & Google Analytics
  • - Visitor to Conversion Analysis
  • - Lead Management

Web Maintenance


From the very early stages of our conversation with clients, we make them very aware of the possible ongoing maintenance of a project. Whilst we are able to develop many solutions that require minimal maintenance, sometimes it is unavoidable. We can help you in all of the following:

  • - Hourly Rate to Full Year Retainer
  • - Ongoing Website Amendments
  • - Banner and Graphic Replacement
  • - Regular Content Updates
  • - Website Re-skin