Changes to Google Maps and What it Means for Your Business

Paige Cardona | Technology

If you haven’t yet heard, Google Maps has announced that beginning on June 11, 2018, that they’ll be introducing Google Maps Platform, the new frontier from Google Maps Business with…

Our Office is a Pokemon Pokestop!

Irwin Hau | Technology

“So much sweet Pokeball goodness” With the launch of Pokemon Go (Australia) last week, swarms have taken to the streets on the weekend and from the looks of it, the…

The Sound Of Visual Art

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

“Outstanding visuals, amazing concept, brilliant music” Contrary to its title “Cymatics – science versus music”, Nigel Stanford’s music clip is truly the perfect blend of science and music. It showcases…


Josh | Technology

So we all know the world is a bit iCrazy when it comes to Apple products. But body-piercing artist Dave Hurban has taken it to the next level, piercing 4…

Future of Screen Technology

Josh | Technology

I wouldn’t be too surprised if what you see in this video becomes reality in the next few years. Stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays are most likely the…