Awesome Uses of Typography in Web Design

Josh | Typography

Some say that typography is a 2013 design trend, but typography has always been fundamental to design. For many centuries, styling text has been used to effectively communicate messages. Mastering…

Arial vs. Helvetica, Round 1, Fight!

Irwin Hau | Typography

When people think of website design, they often overlook the choice of font. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman or even the cringe-worthy Comic Sans are usually the common choice but…

Typography Personality & Purpose

Irwin Hau | Typography

Typography is all about visual expression that compliments the verbal language. In simple terms the fonts we use. When it comes to content, we can use the same words but…

Designer Scrabble

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

A fresh look to a very classic board game. Not many people are excited about typography, which sparked designer Andrew Clifford Capener’s attempt to revive an old but loved game.