User Experience

Our Office is a Pokemon Pokestop!

Irwin Hau | Technology

“So much sweet Pokeball goodness” With the launch of Pokemon Go (Australia) last week, swarms have taken to the streets on the weekend and from the looks of it, the…

WHOA Man, It’s A Double Rainbow!

Irwin Hau | User Experience

Colour is incredibly important in design, both web and otherwise. When seen in the sky, it also has the ability to make an individual emotionally unstable (major LOL). On a…

Turbocharge Your Website

Julian Chan | User Experience

Like the rest of the modern world, I hate it when load times are ridiculously slow. This may be reflective of the Gen Y era (I want everything, NOW!), but…

Unconventional And Unusual

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

As web designers, we can sometimes get trapped in the conventional realm, adhering to certain inescapable “fundamentals” in web design. This limits much creativity, that is supposed to be inherent…