The Sound Of Visual Art

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

“Outstanding visuals, amazing concept, brilliant music” Contrary to its title “Cymatics – science versus music”, Nigel Stanford’s music clip is truly the perfect blend of science and music. It showcases…

If only this happened in every supermarket!

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

  “Wow, never did I expect to get an email from Ritchies IGA boss Fred Harrison!” Each Christmas, we celebrate a little differently. Rejecting being “average” is part of our…

A Hunter ___ a Bear..

Josh | Advertising

Mischievously fun advertising twist on YouTube videos. I’m sure we’ve all clicked on a YouTube video or two that weren’t exactly what we expected, this one was definitely NOT what…

BMW Flash Projection

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

Amazing idea executed by BMW, taking advertising to another level using a simple method I’m sure you are already aware of. This maybe one of those concepts that truly encapsulates…

Future of Screen Technology

Josh | Technology

I wouldn’t be too surprised if what you see in this video becomes reality in the next few years. Stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays are most likely the…


Irwin Hau | Inspiration

The winner of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards for best animated short film, Logorama is simply genius and cleverly creative. If you appreciate design and branding in any shape or…