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Building a site that brings a message of hope.

Successfully broadcasting since the 1970’s, 89.9 Light FM is the biggest community radio station dedicated to projecting messages of positivity to their listeners. Reaching 1 million listeners per month (2017) and with so much heart and faith to share with an exponentially growing family, they outgrew their old website. They needed a stronger digital platform to house and curate their articles to inform and inspire, daily podcasts, musical suggestions, and the generous giveaways and competitions.

The digital solution was a resource stronghold elevated with vibrant visuals of the team making the website pop. Now with a fresh identity aligning with their energetic audio presence, they are equipped to connect with their listeners in so many more ways than just radio.


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Web Design & Development

A site was created that could quickly and easily adapt with the fast-paced content changes that the marketing and fundraising team required.

Integration & Implementation

We had the opportunity to integrate and tie together new and existing systems with the brand new site.  

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Providing a light and spirited platform for Melbourne's Positive Alternative was a mission in both communication and collaboration that bore fruits of success and authenticity.

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Because Content is King

The digital makeover places the content in the spotlight, letting the messages of warmth speak for themselves. Organised with a minimalistic menu, users can navigate quickly through to the resources of interest without being overwhelmed by content. The user journey is further elevated with hints of the brand colours and vibrant visuals of the team in a fully responsive design.


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Where there is hope, there is vision. It's the most rewarding feeling to be able to create a site that goes beyond simply information sharing but ties in so many functions like fundraising, marketing, promotions and tracking.

Irwin Hau - Account Director - Chromatix
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