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Web Design & Development

Your business' website is your best salesperson. It's more than just a pretty picture - It's about purpose.
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Where dazzling web design meets functional elegance

Maybe it’s our homegrown talent, the Melbourne hipster flare, or our heart of excellence, Chromatix has established itself as a bespoke web design company with over 40+ awards by holding true to the simple principle that your website design is not just about a pretty picture. It has to fit your business purpose!

We hold true to this belief every step of the way, from concept to implementation and beyond, our team believes in what we deliver and knows how to bring the most out of your site. We know that your website is your chance at the elusive 2nd first impression, and it’s your chance to blow your clients away. But it’s not just designed, it’s got to be intuitive and smooth, interlaced with the digital professionalism on every hover, click and form submission.

Whether you want to dazzle clients with custom landing pages or blow them away with a brand new e-commerce facility, Chromatix takes a solution based approach – We bend a solution to fit you not the other way around. 

See how we can help you evolve your digital strategy.

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Custom design

We don’t mess around when it comes to our design, everything is tried tested… and tested again. We know what works and we have the skills to prove it. Our designers target their design to your user demographics and know how to take advantage of every pixel. Who says website designs have to be boring? We specialise in the following:

User Interaction & Experience

We know your clients are time poor, so it’s got to work and be understood in an instant. It needs to be loved by them and speak to the very core of what they love! Design that isn’t used easily is no design at all!

True Responsive Design

No matter the size, we allow for smooth websites that work at effectively every size. We take care to know when the next big device comes out your site still looks fantastic!




Effective web design starts with a well-considered layout, that guides users through the content effortlessly. With good visual hierarchy, your design can ensure that visitors are drawn to key information first. The use of appropriate amount of white space and an uncluttered aesthetic helps your audience navigate around easier.

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Authentic imagery plays a pivotal role in engaging users, who prefer quality over quantity. Real images of your team or product, as opposed to stock can forge a deeper connection with your audience, evoking emotions and driving engagement. Our agency strongly recommends collaborating with professional photographers to capture these authentic visuals. This approach ensures that your website not only communicates your message but does so with compelling and genuine imagery that reflects the true essence of your brand.

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Effective conversion-centric user interface design involves the strategic placement of call to actions (CTAs), which guide users towards desired interactions, from signing up for newsletters to making a purchase. Design elements like colour, typography, and layout work together to make the design aesthetically pleasing but also easy to navigate. With usability in mind, UI designers ensure that users can interact smoothly and have meaningful engagement with the content.

Icons / Interactive


Simple and straightforward sticky navigation is crucial to a streamlined web journey with high user satisfaction. Strategic use of dropdown menus versus megamenus, depends on the complexity of your site’s structure, number of product or service categories, promoting ease of access without overwhelming users. Regardless of the choice, prioritizing clear and accessible navigation paths is crucial for facilitating seamless site exploration and enhancing user engagement.


Mobile Responsive

Responsive web design is essential for mobile-friendly experiences, ensuring content looks great and functions flawlessly on any device. Using flexible grids, this design approach allows layouts to adapt dynamically to the screen size of the device being used, from smartphones to desktops. Providing a seamless experience across all devices, making navigation intuitive and ensuring content is easily accessible regardless of how the audience chooses to engage is vital for the success and reach of your website, catering modern users who expect more.



Accessibility in web design ensures that all users, regardless of their abilities, can navigate, understand, and interact with your website. Key to achieving this inclusivity are labels and alt text, aiding those using screen readers or with cognitive disabilities in understanding images and interactive elements. Colour blindness optimization is another critical consideration, to maintain contrast and readability for users with various types of colour vision deficiencies. Legibility, through clear fonts and adjustable text sizes, supports users with visual impairments. An accessible website enhances the user experience for a wider audience and helps your brand connect with more individuals.


Content Strategy

Content strategy is pivotal for engaging and retaining website visitors. Using persuasive headlines, adopting a conversational tone, and ensuring SEO-friendliness help grab attention and draw readers in. Incorporating SEO-friendly practices throughout, such as keyword optimisation and ensures that this engaging content also performs well in search engine rankings, driving organic traffic and is ultimately seen. 

Desktop and Mobile Views of Red Hong Yi Website Showcasing Portfolio Pages

Custom development

Our devs get it! We know how to code and that good code matters. It’s not good enough that it works, we know why, when and how it works. Masters in more languages than you can count – We take the building blocks of design and build sexy systems that are easy to use and update! You can expect the following from us:

Frontend Development

Front-end development covers the visual and interactive aspects of a website that users engage with directly. Experienced front-end developers will know how to use HTML for structuring content, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for adding interactivity with effects and transitions. Developers often leverage various frameworks, such as Bootstrap for responsive design and React or Vue.js for dynamic user interfaces, to streamline development and enhance functionality. Working with digital designers, developers can build visually appealing and highly-engaging websites.

Backend Flexibility

Backend development is essential for ensuring the website functions efficiently behind the scenes. This involves server management to ensure that the hosting environment is properly configured and secure. It also includes setting up the database that stores all the website’s data, ensuring that this data moves efficiently between the website and the database. API integration expands the website’s capabilities by allowing it to sync with external applications, enhancing functionality and better usage of data. Good backend development is vital for the stability and scalability of a WordPress site. If not executed correctly, it can lead to issues such as slow website performance, security vulnerabilities, and data inconsistency, which can affect user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Full Transparency

We don’t hide our code under a million and one secure areas. What we have is it what you get, no questions. Need your source code? You got it. We want your life to be easy! Beyond just access, we design websites with ease of use in mind, particularly for content editors. Our platforms are intuitive, allowing those without technical expertise to easily make updates in line with new campaigns, add content or products, and adjust layouts in harmony with your business.

Performance Optimisation

This is a key process to improving page load speeds and server response times and involves reducing the size of images and other media files to ensure they load quickly and adjusting server settings to handle requests more efficiently. For business owners, a website that isn’t optimised can lead to longer loading times, which often results in frustrated users and increased bounce rates. Additionally, poor website performance can negatively impact SEO rankings, making it harder for potential customers to find the business online. Optimising a WordPress site not only enhances user experience but also supports better online search rankings.

Mobile Views of Layered LightFM Web Pages

Meaning to madness
7 questions to rule them all 

Though we can’t share all our secret sauce, we have created multiple methodologies and frameworks that guide every single website implementation – our 7 pillars of (design, development, marketing, User usability, Administration usability, analytics and digital strategy) – all wrapped in a pretty bow of timeline and budget.

For every change, these questions go through our minds:

  1. Design
    Does it look great on all screen sizes?
  2. Development
    Can it be done correctly?
  3. Marketing
    Will this meet the business goals?
  4. Users Usability
    Will Users actually engage with this, does it make sense?
  5. Admin Usability
    Is this something that can be updated on a CMS, does it need to be?
  6. Analytics
    How can we track it, is it worth tracking?
  7. Digital Strategy
    Does it work towards the overall digital strategy or is it a nice to have?

We know by asking ourselves this question we ensure the purpose of your site is kept intact!

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Frequently asked questions

for businesses

How can I ensure my website provides a great user experience (UX) on mobile and is responsive to different devices?

Ensuring your website is responsive and offers a seamless user interface (UI) across all devices, including mobile, is absolutely crucial. Modern users have high expectations for their online experiences; they anticipate quick loading times, smooth navigation, and a visually appealing layout no matter the device they use. Meeting these expectations is key to enhancing user engagement, reducing bounce rates, and ultimately, increasing conversions. This is crucial to consider when you realise

  • 64.9% of the world’s website traffic is mobile
  • 73% of online users report that they’ve experienced a mobile website that was too slow to load
  • Mobile website users expect a website to load in under 3 seconds

Responsive design adapts to the screen size and orientation of any device, improving usability and engagement. Discussing mobile optimisation strategies and responsive design techniques with your website development team will help keep the mobile experience at the centre of your project decisions.

Can you explain how accessibility is integrated into website development and its impact on user experience (UX)?

Accessibility is key to ensuring that your website is usable by people of all abilities and disabilities, enhancing overall user experience (UX) and broadening your reach. These are the key accessibility features to incorporate and help make your site more inclusive

  • keyboard navigation
  • screen reader compatibility
  • good colour contrast
  • alt text for images for visually impaired users 
  • implementing Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) standards

Understanding and integrating these features not only improves site usability but also positively impacts your SEO. Search engines like Google favour websites that provide a higher level of accessibility, often ranking them better in search results. This not only meets the higher expectations of today’s users but also reflects positively on your brand’s values and commitment to diversity.

How does a website layout with good UI/UX design prevent users from feeling overwhelmed and enhance user engagement?

Effective website layouts, such as the F-layout and the Z-layout, strategically guides a user’s eye through the content, mimicking the natural scanning pattern from top left to bottom right. This layout captures and retains user attention but also supports the visual hierarchy, which prioritises key information and important call-to-actions (CTAs).

By organising content and CTAs effectively, the website can gently lead users toward desired actions without causing confusion or overwhelm. Implementing effective design principles sets the foundation for a more user-friendly website that facilitates engagement and conversion, while maintaining a clean and approachable aesthetic that matches your business.

What to expect
from our team?

Custom Design

We’re highly allergic to the use of templates and anything generic or standard. ‘Theme Forest? What’s that?’ We don’t charge you an agency fee to pull a template online. We are here to match purpose and that only comes from a 100% tailored solution.

Local Talent

With so many trendy cafes and hip coffee joints in Melbourne, it’s no wonder that Melbourne is also richly abundant in design and creative talent. After wading through the cafe’s and food trucks of Melbourne, we’ve created a team of  full-time experts who truly believe in what they do. We know our team is nothing but quality and we make sure you get the best of the best.

Exceeding Industry Standards 

40+ awards and more mentions than we can poke a stick at – It might be cheesy but awards don’t guide our success. We are constantly growing ourselves and keeping up to date with the ever-evolving trends in design and innovations of technology, and with our efforts, have become the front runners of digital.  With design and development  principles rooted in passion, ambition and precision, good simply isn’t enough, we want the best! 

No Sales Team – Work With Your Team from Day One!

Handballs belong in AFL, not in digital. You always work with the director of the agency and the same dedicated team from the beginning. We treat each project with an individual spotlight for analysis, brainstorming sessions and unique approach to really bring out the best in our clients and our team for the best possible creative vision.

We Share Because We Care

“Knowledge is not power execution is.” Education is everything at Chromatix, we don’t hide things behind smoke and mirrors – you have a question, we have an answer.  Wheather it starts in ‘Why, what, when or how’, we will arm you with the knowledge to succeed. after all, your success is our success. 

Born and bred web solution specialists

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Website Design & Development

  • Information / eCommerce Web Design & Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • CMS Development
  • QA Testing & Integrations
Icons / Tools

Web Tools & Web Applications

  • Operational Efficiency Strategies
  • Concept Validity & Technical Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Development & Deployment
  • Investor Communications
Icons / Interactive

Interactive Design & Development

  • Interaction & Touch Screen Design
  • User Interface Design & Integration
  • Digital Experience Prototyping
  • Innovation Workshops & Strategy
Icons / Integration

API Integration Solutions

  • API Integration Analysis & Development
  • Dashboard Design & Development
  • Reliability & Performance Analysis
  • Technical Liaison with API Providers
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4D / IoT Solutions

  • Concept Ideation & Technical Analysis
  • Solution & Infrastructure Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Development & Deployment
  • Software & Hardware Integration
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Consultancy & Strategy

  • Business Analysis & Project Management
  • Innovation Audit & Strategy
  • CX Workshops & Focus Groups
  • Analytics Implementation
  • Technical & Product Support
Chromatix Web Design Team Workshop

How good design

elevates your brand

Effective web design is a lot more than just beautiful visuals. It requires understanding of core principles such as the F-layout, which guides users’ eye movement in a natural pattern, and visual hierarchy, which is how to prioritise content effectively on a web page. With well-structured navigation, true responsive design and good legibility, it is important your website stays user-friendly across all devices and screen sizes, to gain a broader reach and better engagement of your target audience.

In harmonious combination, these elements are not just about showcasing your brand, they’re about creating a dynamic platform that engages customers and clients in meaningful ways, significantly elevating the brand’s presence in the digital landscape. Designing a website that effectively conveys a strong brand identity, communicates clear messaging, and guides the right audience to the appropriate call-to-action is no simple task.

Choosing a professional agency to design your website comes with key benefits

  • Expertise in latest trends: We understand of industry-leading insights and the latest design trends, ensuring your website aesthetic is current
  • Real customisation: We match your brand’s identity, ensuring a stronger resonance with your target demographic and aligning seamlessly with your business objectives.
  • Performance optimisation: Our websites are optimised for both search engines and performance, leading to better visibility in search page rankings
  • Comprehensive Strategy: Our business strategists ensure integration of web design with your sales and operations process for better internal flow 
  • Support and Scalability: We offer ongoing support for updates and scalability as your business grows, ensuring your website evolves with your needs
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