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Digital Strategy & Analysis

If you know your numbers, you remove the guesswork out of your marketing analysis and business decisions. It's that simple!
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Website digital strategy tip:
facts over feelings

Often business owners and marketing managers don’t know what they need or don’t have the data-driven insight to deliver the most appropriate decisions in a blink of an eye. You should always make decisions out of facts not just feelings. Well, that’s where we come in.

Chromatix is home to numerous API integration specialist who can use the data from all of your systems and consolidate it in a way that just makes sense. Need a dashboard? Sure! Want a notification on your phone or email? Absolutely. Whether it’s your consolidating your CRM, Accounting systems or even your Marketing system, as long as there is an API, our team is there to make your data easy to view and 100% accessible.

It’s not just about your website – it’s about your whole business!

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Analytics in
digital marketing

Your website is the most important part of your entire marketing – everything goes to it and it holds the power to track what your customers are doing, without skipping a beat.

Have you ever wondered how your social media campaigns convert on the site? Are you getting genuine leads, or worse? Why aren’t your users converting? Are you spending too much on unnecessary marketing?

Our analytics gurus take a data-driven approach to your website, capitalizing on your successes and amending the failures. The team understands that traffic does not equate to sales. The best bit? We know how to explain it in practical terms and in a way you can action. 

So how can we help you?

We combine industry-leading analytic methodologies with your website and our extensive network of third-party providers to deliver you meaningful results. We take the basics Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and supercharge them with powerful custom scripts. However, as true lovers of analytics, we aren’t tied to these platforms and can easily implement a solution for any form of marketing stream!

No matter the question, our team will always aim to present the facts of your marketing, not the fluff! We call it as it is.

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Web solutions and analytics in
business operations

Not ready for a full-scale ERP system but still want the powerful reporting associated with it? Chromatix is here to help. We create data architecture strategies and through a customised approach to best practice, we deliver you systems that show you what you need – and when you need it. We track everything from sales team success, all the way to the nitty gritty P&L’s in as many ways as you can count. The possibilities are virtually endless.

However, with Business Analytics, only clean and accurate data will do. The team will work closely with you to monitor and maintain the flow of your data, ensuring you are working at the optimal capacity and making relevant and accurate business decisions from your data.

We’ve never met a business that doesn’t profit from real data! For more ideas, see what we can do for your analytics.

API & Integration

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Web skills we offer

User Interaction & Engagement 

Our websites are delivered with a complementary analytics tool that track meaningful data such as scroll depth and link click-through rates. Convert this data into knowledge, and understand how and why people are using your website, what is working and what’s not! When you understand what they think, feel, and do, you are empowered to fix the bits that aren’t working!

Marketing Effectiveness 

We make sure you’re investing in the right areas of marketing, not just what has the highest click-through rate! It’s about understanding what captures your customers and converting that engagement into the appropriate call-to-action for your business, whether that is to buy your product, book in your service, or to give you a call.


Operational Visibility 

It can feel a bit overwhelming trying to manage and track your multiple workspaces and data streams. Set up your own virtual ops team and organise all your data for your business in one place no matter how many systems you have. Increase your efficiency and streamline your workflow!

Business Intelligence 

Don’t let history repeat itself, and slow yourself down with the same business setbacks and pitfalls. Prepare your business by taking into account your historical data and to better plan for the future.

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Processing digital
strategy is a fine art 

Every project is different. But whether you are an established presence or planning to start on the right foot, our Digital Consultants have a sure-fire method to get you on the right track.

  1. Initial review – Begining with the review of the current state of affairs, we establish the strengths of your data streams and begin formulating a custom approach.
  2. Strategy Formation – After assessing your data streams we find the strategy and changes that best suit your overall business goals
  3. Phased Implementation – Not everything is important or urgent, but we know what is! We tackle the information that is going to bring you the highest ROI and work through until no stone is left unturned.
  4. Analyse, Optimise, Implement & Repeat – Analysis never ends, new tech, new strategies, and even new business focuses change your analytics. Business, like your website, is an evolving beast!

At all steps, we look to your business and it’s improvement as our fundamental goals. From short half-day workshops to monthly engagements, we can help you leverage facts to drive success.

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