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Real Estate Marketing Leaders.

Our aim was to create a website that would match Neo market leading excellence in the real estate market. The heart was to create a site that would push the norm of web design and make users sit up and pay attention to the Neo brand. The client gave us creative freedom to push boundaries and utilise all their digital assets to make this piece shine.

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Design style of the website with different magazine cover and pages

Highlighting the quality and sophistication of Neo's products was a transformative process that granted us the opportunity to explore a new dimension of movement and award-winning standard of design and development.

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From Strength to Strength

Neo is so rich with heritage, our heart was to take a nod to the past whilst depict the technological advancements. Video was introduced into the website to demonstrate and showcase the latest equipment whilst establishing the size and expertise whilst the main creative parallax effect on the homepage was inspired by the spirit of excellence and proud nature of how Neo demonstrated their products – engaging with customers to experience the print pieces then placing them into a sleek black folder to take home. We truly appreciated Neo’s flexibility to stretch our creative wings.

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Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.

Amrita Sahasrabudhe
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