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“Make me a Rubbish Website”

Repurpose It is a leader in the environmental change movement, with strong initiatives to place landfills in history and a solution to convert most waste to valuable resources. Working closely with the nation’s leading recyclers, this united team of experts aim to achieve the highest recovery rates possible. Not only immersed in treating waste, they are further developing the nation’s most sophisticated waste washing plant and other leading-edge technologies.

  • Investors in the world’s most advanced processing technologies to create high-value resources from waste
  • Extensive experience and IP in traditionally difficult to manage waste streams
  • Ability to provide personalised solutions for each client

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Turning Waste into Resources

Repurpose It provide an in-depth array of solutions for dealing with different kinds of waste and possess a large scope of clients ranging from a residential level to commercial heights. The team required an informative and energised digital platform to project their message of urgency and effectively evoke change.

Our digital solution involves a clean structured informative site accompanied with creatively animated graphics of waste to heighten engagement and interest. Built with fully responsive design and a practical backend to allow for ease of editing, we’ve armed Repurpose It with a holistically functional digital solution that they can use to make a difference.

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Web Design & Development

  • Storytelling style user experience for a ‘rubbish’ site to highlight the Repurpose It process
  • Fully responsive site with seamless transitions for every mobile device from desktop to mobile phone

Analytics & Updates

  • Utilises WordPress post formats for accessible and easy content editing
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A minimalist design approach combined with dynamic, colourful imagery facilitated the delivery of a stunning product with an incredible amount of flair and finesse.

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We couldn’t even imagine how a site about rubbish could look visually appealing, but Chromatix really did push our boundaries and open our eyes. We feel they really captured the heart of what we do and established for us a bold and succinct voice. Thank you for putting us on the map and handing us a site that gives us every confidence.

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