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Rising to the challenge of developing a fully integrated bakery website.

From their humble beginnings in 2002, Breadtop has grown from strength to strength, dominating the market with over 70+ stores around Australia. Chromatix was commissioned to take the high-end retail experience online, with 2 key components – an engaging information site combined with a fully integrated e-commerce experience that utilised user experience best practices that ultimately resulted in us winning the VIC state award in the commercial category at the Australian Web Awards 2014.

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Web Design & Development

The design brought to life the physical retail experience by utilsing architectural interior components and product elements. With a combination of digital effects and segmentation, the site fully demonstrated the key areas of the business.

Analytics & Tracking

Backend capabilities allowed for the client to manage their online orders in combination with their existing system. 

Automation & Integration

By working with the client and third-party vendors, we gained a strong understanding of the daily operations and sales process. This enabled us to hook up multiple internal systems together to allow for a seamless customer experience.

Desktop Views of Breadtop Website Home

It was vital to create a website that allowed for high visual impact and creativity whilst delivering full flexibility for updates and product changes to be made instantly.

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Baked Fresh & Ready to Serve

The website continues to serve customers across Australia and has continued to be the foundational brand piece. With continual changes in the food industry, the website has withstood the test of time, both technologically and creatively.

With the growth of the brand and upcoming new stores around the nation, we look forward to the continual partnership in developing the future digital strategy. As they say, all you knead is love.

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It's no wonder we placed our trust in the Chromatix team, ultimately taking our website to another level when we received the 2014 Australia Web Awards (VIC winner), for both design & functionality. We are so proud of the team, we know that you guys went the extra mile!

Julie Ho - Marketing Manager - Breadtop
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