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25 Sep 18

Active Directory Integration Specialists – How It Can Supercharge Your Intranet

Julian Chan | Web Development

The True Power of Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) software was first invented by Microsoft in 1990 to accompany the company’s product release of Windows’ operating system NT 3.0, and officially released to the public in 2000. Since then, Active Directory has evolved to meet the needs of growing organisations, increasing overall productivity by 60% through the implementation of web development processes such as automation.

Active Directory software consists of a series of services that give access to networked resources. These services can automate maintenance processes such as onboarding new employees, assigning security groupings, I.T changes in company processes and managing I.T infrastructure. Active Directory also allows I.T departments to limit access to network servers, monitor server usage to reduce the risk of security breaches and ensure adherence to a company’s internet usage policy.

How can Active Directory Integration improve your company’s Intranet?

Easier for employees

Active Directory can be integrated with a website’s intranet to ensure server security whilst maximizing user access and convenience to your company’s intranet, optimising the user experience and encouraging employees to jump in.

A study carried out by the Prescient Digital Media indicates that only 13% of employees access their company’s intranet daily while 31% never do. With more than 57% of Australian managers expecting a higher turnover in the next 9 months, it is more important than ever to make it as simple as possible to have your employees engaged with your company and with each other.

Active Directory can be integrated with a website’s intranet to ensure server security whilst maximising user access and convenience to your company’s intranet. Active Directory integration can increase the convenience of using your company’s intranet by allowing your employees to just log in once, and remain logged in continuously and securely. This optimises the user experience and encouraging employees to jump in.

Easier for management

So you’ve spent approximately $4,000 and 23 days to find and hire your newest team member. Congratulations! Active directory can efficiently onboard your new employee by adding your new employee to your active directory group, giving them access to all the files they need to access instead of having to go into each individual folder to change the sharing and permissions options.

How can we help?

Our developers are on hand if you have any questions regarding Active Directory integrations or general API integration strategies. Give us a call today on 03 9912 6403, if you have any questions. We can analyse what you need, organise and help you increase your employees’ intranet engagement.

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