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08 Oct 18

SwiftPOS API Integration Experts – A Holistic POS System for Hospitality

Julian Chan | Web Development

What Is SwiftPOS And What Can It Do?

With over 23 years of experience as a Point of Sales (POS) Software Solutions Provider, SwiftPOS has become world renowned for their total POS solution – and with it’s website API integration, it now has even more versatility. With a specialty in coordinating POS terminals with software that manages back-of-office POS functions, SwiftPOS has developed a total POS solution for businesses that span across the hospitality, retail and food industries. Over this time, SwiftPOS has installed over 20,000 POS terminals in over 3,500 businesses and venues globally.

The SwiftPOS system mainly operates via traditional POS terminals (similar to a computer screen and sits at the counter of any shop or restaurant where staff can take orders and process transactions). The SwiftPOS system can:

  • Conduct inventory checks
  • Change individual product prices
  • Check current up-to-date stock levels
  • Process returns & refunds
  • Handle clerk clock-ins
  • Sync price updates from SwiftPOS directly to POS terminals
  • Hold up to 10 different selling prices for different locations
  • Add new barcodes at the POS Terminal
  • Print promotional labels through direct connections with a printer

Connected through SwiftPOS, businesses can have a series of POS terminals in multiple branches, that sync with each other seamlessly. This applies to the digital world as well; with the escalating boom of e-commerce, SwiftPOS has also created a hybrid cloud storage system which merges traditional POS technology with cloud storage systems, so that business activities can be managed and coordinated on and off premise, as well as over multiple locations.


What Does SwiftPOS Offer?

Optimised System with Mobile Flexibility

With the increasing trend of users and consumers going from desktop to mobile, SwiftPOS has embraced mobile solutions for their POS Terminal Systems. SwiftPOS terminal software has been optimised to suit any dimension of screen hardware, ranging from small handheld devices to larger self-serve terminals.

Handheld POS devices have become increasingly popular as the POS terminal of choice, particularly for small business owners, pop-up and market stores. Carrying all the necessary functionalities of a traditional POS terminal, they are favoured because of their mobility and convenience in set up. Whilst online is booming, studies still show that almost 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for personalised in-store experiences. With buyers feeling more comfortable to buy in store, stores can really take advantage of this and elevate their service in stores with mobility of a handheld POS device to bring a more holistic service to the customer through

  • Signing up customers quickly to a loyalty program on the store floor
  • Providing a easy and fuss-free return
  • Looking up customer account details for older transaction details

This encourages more meaningful interactions as well as increasing efficiency, improving the customer experience as well as efficiencies of the business.
SwiftPOS also enables users to review real-time business insights and performance through the SwiftPOS live dashboard feature. The dashboard is easy to access and can be used on and off premises as well as on mobile.

Reputable Third Party Integrations

Often businesses have multiple software systems for their various business processes such as

  • Accounting
  • Sales reporting with real-time gross profit analysis
  • Data entry
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Multi-location inventory management
  • Employee management

Whilst it might be hard to let go of the traditional pen and paper in manually inputting data from POS systems into books and reports, it has become outdated, grossly inefficient and also prone to accidental human error; a whopping 27.5% of accounting errors are a result of manual entry errors.

SwiftPOS adds value to the information it collects through its ability to integrate with third-party software to extract information and provide further insight to the business or facilitate other business processes. Xero is one of many integrations that facilitate a direct connection from SwiftPOS to Xero’s interface, ensuring the accounting team has access to accurate, real-time data.

SwiftPOS recognises that hospitality and fuel businesses such as clubs, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores and petrol stations all require different functionalities in their POS system, hence there are also customised integrations available which have been tailored specifically for those businesses.

Inventory Management

In 2017, 43% of US small businesses still relied on manual inventory management processes or even worse, didn’t have a system in place to track their inventory. The consequences of not having proper inventory management in place are serious, from overstocking to shrinkage and theft. SwiftPOS takes inventory management seriously, enabling the monitoring of inventory across multiple locations in real-time through the SwiftPOS system.

Wizards are used in various ways to automate repetitive processes. For example, the Reorder Wizard allows users to set caps on inventory levels based on sales histories. It also provides insight on past sales periods so that users are able to make informed decisions on appropriate levels of stock to order for certain periods of time, such as Christmas, when more stock may be needed.

Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It’s often said that 80% of a business’s revenue comes from 20% of their customer base. Hence, CRM is vital in ensuring that this 20% can be identified and looked after, to build a growing and more fruitful relationship. Various features such as customisable vouchers and coupon configurations are built-in the SwiftPOS system. The system is also capable with creating customer campaigns using various options such as pricing strategies and loyalty point systems. With 81% of consumers more encouraged to continue shopping with brands that have loyalty programs, integrations with third-party loyalty and rewards program providers have proven to be indispensable.

Swiftpos integrations can provide businesses with access to real-time data on customer information including loyalty points, account balances, and credit limits, they can assist with targeting members for campaigns and promotions so that the right customers are reached at the right time.

Security Integration
While businesses can suffer the threat of theft and fraud from customers, there is also the possibility of internal security threats; 70% of retail loss and fraud caused by internal staff. To help counteract this, SwiftPOS offers integrations with security systems as a safety measure and to deter these incidents from occurring.

The integrations DVR Solutions and Honeywell enable CCTV footage to be seamlessly linked to transaction times and records so that incidents can be pinpointed. Redflag POS also allows businesses to choose particular activities and behaviours to track and bring attention to such as unreasonable staff discounts or an abnormal number of void transactions. These activities can be automatically flagged and managers can be instantly alerted via email or phone call.


Why Choose SwiftPOS Over Competitors

Strong Industry Experience and Large Reach

23 years of industry experience has shaped SwiftPOS into an experienced and reliable POS software solutions provider. With this many years in the industry, SwiftPOS has been able to extend their reach globally, creating a large network of knowledgeable resellers and distributors which enable SwiftPOS to provide it’s users with local support 24/7.

Customisable and Scalable

SwiftPOS provides unlimited options for screen layouts, colour-coding, text inputs, graphics and image integrations for users to customise. Additional features that may not be relevant can be hidden while important features take front and centre. This ensures that the layout best matches the business’s style of operation.

The SwiftPOS system can also be utilised by business of any size, from local cafes to large stadiums, as well as franchises, which can be centrally managed, controlled and analysed from one location. For growing businesses or businesses looking to expand, business owners don’t have to worry about outgrowing the system, as SwiftPOS can easily scale with the business.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions
There are various advantages and disadvantages of traditional POS systems to cloud based POS systems. For example, traditional systems are functional but bulky and expensive, while cloud-based systems are more efficient and easily accessible, although they may rely on good internet.

SwiftPOS brings together traditional POS systems with cloud-based systems through a hybrid cloud system allowing businesses to get the best of both worlds. By relying on more local servers, SwiftPOS users can continue trading for 30 consecutive days whilst the internet is down. Businesses are also able to store data securely on cloud storage services and operate the business on and off premises.


Who is SwiftPOS Ideal For

The SwiftPOS system has been developed with the hospitality and fuel industries in mind, offering the essentials of employee management, inventory control and standard security measures as part of a standard build. Single, multi-store, or even multinational businesses have a need for a holistic POS system and SwiftPOS system is the perfect system that can mould to fit the different needs of this range of businesses.

SwiftPOS brings efficiency and convenience in several ways including the option of having handheld POS systems, which enable users to provide faster, better service to customers. By running on a hybrid cloud system, users are also able to view reports and insights derived from POS data anytime and anywhere.

While there’s a plethora of POS systems in the market, SwiftPOS remains among the top contenders in the market due to their reliability, support and strive for innovative integrations that their users actually need.


How Can We Help With Your SwiftPOS Integration

With an experienced developer, there are a myriad of ways to integrate SwiftPOS into your business operations and let it streamline any inefficient processes you have become tired of dealing with.

Being specialists in web API integrations and with a heart to help and share, our web developers are well-versed in these matters to lend a hand. just give us a call today on 9912 6403 and let us know how we can help or answer your questions.

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