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17 Jan 23

Top 5 Ways To Track Your Leads From Your Website

Irwin Hau | Conversion Rate Optimisation

Why Smart Business Owners Track Their Leads

Keeping track of your leads is essential for any business. It is firstly interesting, to see how your customers are entering your sales funnel, and follow their journey across the different marketing touch points. At a micro level, catching every lead allows you to ensure you don’t lose a valuable customer.

The bigger picture is in the power behind this data. You can see what marketing channel is the biggest influencer and what is your weakest link. This knowledge is the key to refining your marketing strategies successfully, to effectively drive conversion.

What can you gain from effective lead tracking? More sales. Improved cart value. Better customer experiences.


Why You Should Automate Lead Tracking 

lead tracking statistic

With the importance of lead tracking highlighted, today our focus is primarily on the best ways to track your lead from your website. For business owners and marketing managers, time is invaluable. Therefore it is crucial to have a few automated systems in place early, to ensure you can stay on top of the volume of leads as it increases.


Diversifying Your Lead Tracking Strategies Matters

lead tracking statistic

You can extrapolate the most from data if you’ve got the full picture, in other words, the full customer journey. Without casting a wide net that covers all your bases, you’re very likely to miss potential opportunities and areas to tighten.

A diversified approach means fuller coverage of your entire sales funnel, from the initial touch points to the closing ones that result in a sale. On average customers need between 4-6 touch points with a brand before they are ready to purchase.

With this holistic insight, your team can align strategies to improve their response and strengthen each point through which potential buyers pass, leading to more success in conversions. Diversification ensures you don’t let a drop of your lead generation potential go to waste.

Your marketing, sales, logistics and customer service team will then have access to data across the board. This really highlights whether different departments’ strategies are harmonising well together or causing friction in a customer journey.


Top 5 Ways To Track Your Leads

As promised, in no particular order, the top strategies you should use are

  1. Call tracking
  2. UTM tracking and Google Analytics
  3. Using hidden form fields
  4. Using specialist conversion tools
  5. Using CRM systems


The Value Of Call Tracking Software

call and lead tracking statistic

There’s a lot more to a phone number these days. The use of unique dynamic numbers for online marketing strategies means you can know exactly which channel generated that call.

Advanced call tracking software will additionally allow you to record and playback your calls. This helps you better visualise your customer’s profile and identify how your sales team are doing – are there missed cross-sell or upsell opportunities?


The Value Of UTM Tracking & Google Analytics

lead tracking statistic

UTM tags. Hardly noticeable but incredibly invaluable.These are tiny snippets of code added to a URL which allows you to track channel and campaign success. When set up correctly, the Google Analytics dashboard allows you to see clicks, conversions and bounces.

For example, out of the traffic that came onto your website through that campaign, how many ended up purchasing? If your social media or email ad brought lots of traffic, but you didn’t convert well, this signals a potential problem with your website.

UTM tracking is beneficial to businesses running a large volume of campaigns regularly. UTM tags remove the need to manually track data points such as the source, medium, campaign name, term, and content in multiple campaigns. Picking up so many details with every campaign, tracking data can feel like a breeze.


The Value Of Hidden Form Fields

lead tracking statistic

This is a golden nugget for businesses with extensive websites, with lots of webpages. If you have a global form that feeds the same data to one collection point, it will be almost impossible to differentiate which page your lead has come from. Which pages are converting the best and which are letting potential customers go too quickly? No clue.

Placing hidden form fields in each form entry is the best solution to track activity on your website itself. Your sales and marketing team can sift through the form submissions and identify which landing pages or webpages are pulling their weight, and why.

With the help of a professional developer or conversion tracking software like ConversionCow, you can tag your form with extra details and UTM parameters so your form submissions automatically capture the lead source.

As it has been shown that more form fields can increase form abandonment rate, this hidden solution is seamless and does not interfere with your form conversion.


The Value of Specialist Conversion Tools

web conversion and lead tracking statistic

As lead generation and conversion are at different stages of the funnel, it can seem confusing to pair them together. However the use of third-party tools that combine these functions, allow you to track your leads at each stage of your sales funnel improves your lead tracking accuracy.

As an example, ConversionCow allows you to add a conversion-centric pop-out to every page of your website. With different webpages focused at different audiences and different services, you can fast-track the customer journey from awareness to engagement and conversion a lot faster.


The Value of CRM Systems

lead tracking statistic

Customer relationship management (CRM) software will elevate your business’s ability to track your leads exponentially. It is like an entire village of extra set of eyes, ears and arms dedicated to your lead tracking efforts.

The endgame of this intricate software is better customer segmentation, needs anticipation and customer retention.

The superpowers of CRM systems are the automation and scalability. Data capture is more accurate from the get-go, ensuring your business strategies can truly be effected on the masses. Automation frees up your team to manually sift through paperwork, to focus their expertise in optimising specialised campaigns. For example, previous customers can be easily retargeted with your new marketing campaigns.


Tips To Stay On Top Of Tracking Your Leads

  • Cast a wide net through implement lead tracking from multiple pathways
  • Analyse where your lead conversion is highest and enhance that channel
  • Make it easy to manage – automate your lead tracking so you stay on top of it easily as it grows


Best Lead Tracking Software For Small Businesses

1. ConversionCow (UTM Tag, Specialist Conversion Tool)

ConversionCow is a website enhancement tool that personalises the sales experience depending on user behaviour, to significantly increase your chances with every possible lead. With inbuilt UTM tracking for each form and unique conversion-centric landing page, ConversionCow allows you to track your leads, A/B test your content and optimise your website to convert.

2. Optimonk (Specialist Conversion Tool)

A specialist conversion tool with a focus on maximising website conversions alongside growing a lead generation list. It allows businesses to personalise the shopping experience through gamification popups, embedded forms, surveys and persistent menus.

3. Ruler (Call Tracking)

Identify the data and listen to the conversations of your inbound calls to identify which channels are driving sales. Ruler allows you to track your form submissions, track what makes your phone ring and learn what fuels your live chat sessions.

4. Salesforce (CRM System)

One of the founding stalwart companies of the CRM scene, Salesforce is an extensive cloud-based software that helps businesses capture data accurately, find more prospects, close more deals and provide great customer service. Its extensive makeup means that it is a bit more involved to learn how to use it well.


In Conclusion

Your network of inbound and outbound marketing strategies can all seem individual and quite disconnected from each other. Without a good lead tracking setup, this can be the case. It is easy to miss the disconnect between channels in a disjointed sales funnel.

Holistic lead tracking allows you to access important metrics from all your channels – piecing together the puzzle of your customer conversion journey, without needing to sift through silos of data.

Ideally, you should be implementing all of the methods listed above as part of your marketing tracking. This allows your marketing team can find out which campaigns are working best with your audience. They can look at what kind of audience each ad is drawing out of the customer pool. With such great tools to A/B test, they can optimise your marketing campaigns and website content to promote your best products and connect better with the right audience.

Why You Should Start Early

When it comes to business success, the early setup of a successful system can make or break business operations later down the track.

Through collecting and collating accurate data, business owners can forgo guesswork and be certain of their marketing and business decisions with confidence. If you wait until you’re up and running to set up these systems, you will have undoubtedly lost thousands of invaluable data points and learnings. Elevate your potential to succeed from day one.


How We Can Help You

If you have found this article useful, but would like some professional guidance, feel free to reach out to our wonderful team of website designers and developers at Chromatix on 03 9912 6403. Whether you’re looking for web designing, hosting ,developing and optimising, we would love to assist with your questions.

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