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Irwin Hau

Irwin Hau is the owner and founder of Chromatix, an Australian web design agency established in 2009, renowned for its focus on enhancing web conversion through design that embraces human behaviour and influence psychology.

Commonly known in the industry as the “Website Whisperer,” Irwin has mastered the art of accelerating the sales process, enabling businesses to achieve results in lead generation and improving website conversion chances.

Beating in sync with his conversion heart, Irwin is also a man of many interests – he’s recently been bitten hard by the golf bug and is an avid documentor of his health food journey (800+ photos in 3 years), he’s also a mentor and a hobby illusionist (for the last 21 years). Father to 2 beautiful girls and a mini Groodle called Muffin, he loves bringing out the best in others with his positivity and upbeat style.

A massive fan of using analogies and the light-hearted pun, he loves all things to do with human behaviour and psychology, and chatting about how the mind works in the area of persuasion and influence.


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