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09 Dec 22

The Ultimate Guide Of Websites To Fast Track Your Business

Irwin Hau | Web Design

With thousands of online resources at your fingertips, it may sometimes be difficult to find the best tools for your business growth. Which ones will maximise productivity and streamline your work efficiency? As a business owner, you have limited minutes to visit hundreds of different websites and do the research from scratch.

We’ve done the hard work of sifting through the haystack, to carve out the ultimate list to get you on the ground running.

Most of the websites on this list are free or very affordable, allowing you to minimise spend and maximise impact. You’ll find several tools which increase your productivity by using AI or automated tasks, so you can spend more time doing what you do best, and less time juggling paperwork and mundane to-do lists.


== AI Writers ==



Anyword utilises powerful predictive analytics that optimises your text to get more conversions and drive more sales. It allows you to generate effective copies for ads, emails, landing pages, and other content. It is used by marketers, entrepreneurs and agencies, all of which have seen an average increase in conversion rate of 30% since using the tool.


Jasper AI

Jasper AI can help streamline your creative workflows. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, it is able to help you and your team create amazing, original content 10 times faster. Jasper unlocks your creative potential by allowing you to increase your content output, brainstorm new ideas, write more effectively, and collaborate with your team.



This tool automatically summarises text. All you have to do is paste an article, text or essay and specify the number of sentences you want it to be shortened to, and it will return a concise summary of the information that you have inputted. This can save you time by relieving you of the tedious task of shortening thousands of words worth of writing, leaving you free to do more important things.


Copy Ai

Copy Ai is an AI writing app that delivers premium results within seconds. Over 3 million professionals and teams have chosen it to write for them. Not only does Copy Ai write 10 times faster than a regular human, it also enhances your content, eliminating all grammatical and punctuation mistakes and engaging your audience more effectively.



WriteSonic creates effective and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails and website. With the use of Search Engine Optimisation, WriteSonic is able to enhance your content to increase clicks, conversions and sales. The program’s AI Writer allows you to polish your writing to perfection with powerful editing tools that will amend all errors within your text.



WordAi uses advanced machine learning models to generate high quality rewriting that is indistinguishable from human-written content. The software is able to completely restructure sentences, enrich text and improve the quality and clarity of your text. Using WordAi can help to cut turnaround time, extend your budget and create more high quality content for your customers.


Article Forge

Article Forge uses advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to deliver unique, optimised, high-quality content about any topic with a single click. Backed by over 10 years of AI research, Article Forge can research, plan and write long form content automatically, spitting out a 1500+ word article that is well written and on topic, drastically reducing the amount of money and time required to make content.



Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you to create high-quality content in just a fraction of the time and cost. It allows you to store and organise all your projects in the one place with a simplistic folder system that is easy to understand. Rytr offers over 20 tones of voice, letting you project your content with the right emotion to attract your clients and maximise engagement.



HyperWrite is a Google Chrome extension that provides suggestions and sentence completions that enhance your writing. The extension is completely free and works on your favourite websites and apps, including Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Gmail and more, so you can get suggestions no matter where you’re writing.



An advanced AI assistant that will supercharge your writing, Jenni offers a writing experience like no other. It has a multitude of powerful features built to elevate your writing, with autocomplete, plagiarism checks and automatic paraphrasing. You can use Jenni for a range of different functions, from essays to emails to speeches. Jenni has helped over 150,000 empowered writers write over 1 million words at absolutely no cost.



== Improving Site Speeds & Servers ==


NitroPack is the most complete website optimisation tool on the market. It ensures a high cache hit ratio with advanced features such as smart cache invalidation, automatic cache warmup, device and cookie-aware caching, and browser and session-aware caching. It also makes sure that your site loads quickly and that all images are optimised and at maximum resolution.


WP Engine

WP Engine is backed by a team of experts working 24/7 to bring support to you. Trusted by over a million brands and agencies of all sizes, the developer solutions offered by WP Engine allow you to achieve more. WP Engine accelerates your site speed and keeps your website secure from potential threats, ensuring that none of your important data gets leaked.



Panthur offers a reliable web hosting service that provides great value. They use the latest industry technology to craft a fast, stable and secure domain connection for extremely cheap fees, all while providing 24/7 support in case something goes wrong. They have a variety of plans that fit the specific needs of your website, with affordable prices that ensure you can minimise unnecessary expenses.


Ranked AI

Ranked AI is a website hosting service that delivers great performance at affordable prices. It helps you display content that will easily appear on search engines, increasing the visibility of your business. Using technical insights, recommendations and implementations, Ranked AI can also improve your site health, handling the entire optimisation process from start to finish so you don’t have to do anything.



Surfer allows you to skyrocket your site traffic with a step-by-step SEO workflow that will increase your visibility and improve your rank on the search engines. The service allows you to create relevant, high-quality content that appeals to your target audience. Surfer creates a comprehensive content strategy just for you that will yield real, measurable results.



Semrush allows you to get measurable results from online marketing. From just one platform, you can do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing. It allows you to find topics that resonate with your audience, maximising your business’s exposure to the world and promoting brand growth. You can also make use of analytics to form an effective marketing strategy that will stimulate sales growth.


Link Whisper

Link Whisper is an effective tool that helps you better optimise your websites with the best suggestions for internal links. This tool will greatly improve your on-page SEO, making your site rank better in Google. Using artificial intelligence, Link Whisper suggests relevant internal links when you start writing your article, saving you time and optimising your site.



Axiom is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to automate your browser quickly and easily without any coding expertise needed. You can use browser bots to automate repetitive website actions and tasks on any website or web app, reducing the amount of time you spend manually dealing with them. Every bot can be customised to your needs, with prebuilt templates that make it easier for you.



== Chat Bots ==



LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that automates your business sales for you. Using AI chatbot automations, you can greet customers and quickly route chats, generating easy sales and customer satisfaction. LiveChat allows you to solve customer problems proactively and respond faster to their inquiries.



With ChatBot, automating customer service is a breeze. The platform is simple to use, with no prior coding experience required, and it empowers companies to elevate their customer experience to the highest level. You can choose from a plethora of ready-to-use templates, and customise them to fit your specific business needs. ChatBot helps you communicate better with customers and push your business forward.


== Productivity Tools ==




ClickUp provides a range of features to help you simplify and automate your work and get more done. Scheduling, reminders, tasks, collaborations, emails—everything you need to be productive can be found in this app. It’s free to download and start using. It’s a great tool that optimises efficiency of work and allows for greater organisation of important tasks.



Creating how-to guides can be a time-consuming, frustrating and tedious process. However, this browser extension is a game-changer. It helps content writers create professional, high quality how-to-guides in mere seconds with just a few clicks. Tango empowers your team to simplify knowledge transfer, facilitating greater contributions from each and every member and generating the maximum value from your software spend.




Genei enables you to summarise, organise and manage any kind of information with ease, at the tap of a button. It can be used for personal use or in business environments, where it can help people to be more productive and efficient in their work. Genei uses unique AI-powered summarisation and keyword extraction mechanisms in order to paraphrase complex ideas, which 98% of users have said saves them time.



Many people have a need for a form to accept payments or to generate reports. However, creating these forms can be time-consuming. Jotform is a form generator that generates powerful, professional looking forms in seconds, with conditional logic, payment integration, and reporting features that greatly reduce workload. Jotform also has a customisation feature, allowing users to style their forms with specific logos, fonts and colours.



Synthesia is a web-based platform for creating videos with AI avatars and voices. It allows you to create professional videos in over 60 different languages. It is the most advanced video translation solution on the market and possesses an intuitive interface that is easy for even beginners to use. Synthesia’s AI powered video creation eliminates the costs and time wasted on traditional methods of making videos.



tl;dv allows you to record meetings on both Zoom and Google Meet. It is a free software that offers ways to record your meetings, extracting clips and saving timestamps of key moments in just a few clicks for later review. Half a million people are now using tl;dv to facilitate smoother and smarter remote meetings.



It’s hard to find the time to think about how your business can grow, or how you can reach more customers. This is where GitMind comes in. It allows you to create a mindmap in just a few minutes, and then use premade stylish themes to make it beautiful. You can edit in real-time on your PC or mobile device no matter where you are. It’s powerful, yet super easy to use.



AlternativeTo has put together a comprehensive list of alternatives to the tools you use on a regular basis. Whether it’s Netflix, Spotify, or Photoshop, they have you covered. Browse through their list and find what you’re looking for! You can find alternatives to basically any tool that you want to use here.



Wolfram Alpha is a tool that uses breakthrough computer algorithms and AI technology to generate expert-level answers to any question. It offers free access to students, educators, and researchers so they can solve problems and develop new ideas. Wolfram provides answers for a litany of different fields, including Mathematics, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, or Everyday Life.



Bitwarden is the easiest way to secure all your passwords and sensitive information. Trusted by millions, this password manager allows you to move quickly and securely across the internet. It allows you to generate strong and secure passwords for all of your accounts, protecting your sensitive data from potential hackers.



TinyWow offers PDF, video, image and other online tools that help improve your quality of life. It is free, and has endless functions, including removing background from pictures, cleaning up unwanted objects from photos, and generating images from AI. TinyWow has 1 million active users, and has altered over 10 million files.



Hunter is a software that lets you find professional email addresses in seconds, allowing you to form essential connections that matter to your business. It has over 100 million email addresses indexed as well as advanced filters that let you narrow your search to fit exactly what you want.



WeTransfer started as a program that was initially founded to transfer large files around the world. It has now become a suite of productivity tools that help make file transfer easy, fast, and secure. WeTransfer has all the built-in security features needed for work, from password protection to file encryption. It also possesses many tools designed to enhance collaboration, improving cohesion between team members.



A browser extension that lets you take a screenshot of an entire webpage in just a single click, GoFullPage is a highly trusted extension that has over 5 million users. What’s more, it allows you to download screenshots in a number of different file types, including PNG, JPG, PDF and more.


Presentation Go

Presentation Go offers a variety of free templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, offering a wide range of graphics suitable for all kinds of presentations. An experienced designer creates all the graphics for each template, which is then optimised to the slide format and made fully editable and customisable to fit your specific needs. The Presentation Go library contains 2050 free templates that are available to use at your leisure.



GetMagical allows you to automate your message with just a few clicks, eliminating repetitive tasks. Enter data and keep the options you need handy. Just drag-and-drop buttons, titles, and text to create and configure a text message with exactly what you need. Magical does not rely on integrations, APIs or complex workflow builders, allowing it to be set up in just a few seconds.



This is a next generation gamified task management platform. It is built with a game-related theme in mind and is intended to be simplistic yet highly effective at increasing productivity. MagicTask comes with a variety of themes that help make it more fun to use, as well as integrated workspaces that help you to connect with your teams.



This tool allows you to create complex email and LinkedIn sequences that help attract your target audience. It also offers analytics that offer data on the degree of success that your promotion campaign achieved.



This tool helps you to take control of your reputation online. With customers relying on internet reviews more than ever to influence their purchasing decisions, ratings can make a huge difference between you and your competitors. Digitalift allows you to monitor and respond to your reviews 24/7, allowing you to resolve complaints with unhappy customers privately and improve your company’s reputation.




HighLevel helps agencies and marketers with an all-in-one sales & marketing platform that can grow your business. It contains all the tools you need in a single platform, attracting customers, administrating important business conversations and automatically scheduling payments and appointments. HighLevel brings all the things you need to solve your digital agency problems, allowing your business to thrive.



SlidesCarnival is a site that offers completely free PowerPoint and Google Slides templates for your presentations. Its slides are designed to turn heads, with a variety of themes, including formal, inspirational, creative, simple, elegant, and playful. There are no registration and download limits, and every slide is available for both personal and commercial use.


PDF Escape

PDF Escape is a PDF editor that allows you to edit, annotate and fill out PDF files. It also allows you to keep your documents safe by password, protecting them from unauthorized access. With PDF Escape, you can edit, fill out and annotate any type of document without needing to create a new file. This is a big timesaver for business users who have to deal with many different files every day.



Notion is a free productivity tool that helps you organise arrange your work and files in a neat and organised fashion. You can customise your own pages, or use effective pre-made templates in order to carry out specific functions. Notion’s collaboration functions also let you share projects with your team, allowing for effective cohesion between team members.



Trello brings all your tasks, teammates and tools together in the same place. It is simple, flexible, and powerful, making use of a system of boards, lists and cards to offer a clear view of who is doing what and what needs to get done. Trello is an effective tool for project and task management, brainstorming, and meetings.


Quiver Quantitative

Quiver is a next-generation stock research platform that scrapes alternative stock data from across the internet and aggregates it in a free, easy-to use web dashboard. It allows investors to tap into reliable, easy to read data that will help them make informed decisions on the stock market, in order to maximise profits made.



== Social Media Tools ==


Repurpose.io is a free app that allows you to make a bigger impact and reach more people, without the extra work. The platform allows you to distribute to wherever your audience is, with the ability to seamlessly repurpose content throughout multiple platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Audio Podcast.



Canva is a free to use online design app that makes it easy to create professional designs and to share or print them. It can be used to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. It boasts a wide range of professional templates, images and content to choose from, and is built for teamwork, with editing permissions across multiple users integrated into the site.



Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands provides all the tools you need to start your business and look professional. An AI logo maker allows you to make a logo that perfectly matches your brand. After that, you can create digital business cards and print branded merch, allowing you to create a unique brand that stands out. Tailor Brands is trusted by business owners all over the world, with 30 million people using it to launch their business.



Otis is a digital marketing assistant that lets you launch data-driven ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google in minutes. Accessible on mobile and on web, Otis is perfect for businesses that strive to connect with customers and generate results. The AI constantly monitors your budget and allocates money spend to what is best for the business. It also monitors and optimises ad performance, further maximising revenue.



Visme is a platform that allows you to create presentations, documents, data visualisations, videos and other branded content. It is easy to use, with no prior design experience needed. Visme can be used to create a range of different infographics, from simple branded visuals to fully interactive content.


Attention Insight

Attention Insight is the leading provider of analytics for digital advertising. It shows you the number of impressions and interactions your ads are receiving, so you can make informed decisions about what is working and what is not. Attention Insight utilises AI that is able to provide predictive analytics that have an accuracy of 94%, allowing you to improve performance for the future as well.



Tolstoy is a free video creation app used by more than 5000 companies. It offers a unique experience in interactive videos that allow viewers to embark on a personalised, immersive video journey that feels more like a face-to-face conversation than a traditional video. The short form videos that Tolstoy uses are proven to yield an increase in engagement rates, making them more effective in enticing customers for your business.



Snaptik is an app that allows you to download TikTok videos without a watermark. All you need to do is paste a TikTok video link, and the app will process the video into a downloadable URL link for your own use. The app is completely free and does not require any software installation.



Previewed is the simplest way to create device mockups, all in your browser. You can make your app presentations stand out in a variety of ways, with both 2D and 3D images available, as well as 3D animations that allow you to showcase complex video interactions. You can choose from a variety of templates, all of which can be customised to fit your own needs.



AnswerThePublic offers direct insights from Google searches in order to provide an idea of what kind of content customers are interested in. This allows you to tailor content, products and services to optimise engagement with customers and grow your business. AnswerThePublic is utilised by over 20,000 companies each month to streamline their content production to improve business.



Pixelhunter is a tool that uses Uploadcare Intelligence API to recognise objects and crop pictures automatically, relieving you of having to go through the tedious process of cropping photos yourself. You can also specify what purpose you intend to use a photo for, and Pixelhunter will crop your photo to fit that exact intent.



This tool allows you to find the technology stack of any website, which allows you to monitor competitors’ technology use and be notified whenever they switch to a new CMS or e-commerce platform. Wappalyzer also allows you to create lists of websites that use certain technologies, with company and contact details.



ManyChat supercharges your Instagram marketing with automated interactive conversations in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger and SMS. This can help to provide better customer support and accelerate brand growth. No coding experience is required to use ManyChat, with the tool only requiring an easy to understand drag and drop interface. ManyChat is highly effective and is employed by over 1 million businesses to automate their conversations.



SimilarWeb is an innovative e-commerce data resource that allows you to keep an eye on your performance in the digital world. It offers insights on your competitors’ websites, mobile apps and social media performance as well as your own. SimilarWeb allows you to form informed long-term business strategies based on concrete data, which will increase the consistency of your business’s performance.



OpenPeeps is a hand-drawn illustration library that allows you to generate different variations of people for any use. You can do this by mixing different elements such as arms, legs and hairstyles to customise your character in any way you wish. The library is in the public domain, meaning that you can copy, modify, distribute, remix, burn, and use the work, even for commercial purposes, without asking for permission.


Mojo App

Mojo App turns your ideas into powerful animated visuals. You can choose from hundreds of animated templates that are designed specifically to bring your story to life and help it stand out from the crowd. Powerful but simple editing adds an element of customisation to your product, allowing it to look unique. Mojo gives you the tools to propel your brand to the next level.



Archive automatically detects and saves any post that your brand is tagged in on social media apps such as Instagram or TikTok. It also allows you to use powerful search filters to find the perfect post for your next campaign. Archives automates the annoying parts of community management and digital marketing operations, allowing you to focus on what’s really important.

Social Studio

Social Studio is an AI Instagram assistant that will automatically generate content based on a topic that you input. It employs complex algorithms that collects the most up-to-date data and produces content that seems like it’s made by humans. Ultimately, you will have the final say in what goes on your Instagram page, with an editing tool that gives you the ability to fully customise text, colours, shapes, and so much more.



Mailchimp allows you to turn emails into revenue by recommending ways to get more opens, clicks and sales with your marketing strategies. It contains automations that send messages for you, analytics that help you optimise your content for engagements, and integrations that let you connect tools that will save you valuable time.



Feedblitz grows your platform by distributing campaigns, forms and feeds that help you to connect with your audience and earn revenue. It offers email templates, subscriber management, reporting, and tagging, all of which assist you in reaching the right people at the right time. Features such as integrations, scheduling, and API help to automate your campaigns and free up your time and resources to optimise productivity.


== Photo/Video Editing ==


Descript provides all in one video and audio editing in a way that is simple but powerful. You can write, record, edit, collaborate and share, all in one tool. Descript also has AI that takes care of the tedious stuff so you can do the fun stuff. It automatically increases sound quality, removes filler words from your recording and can even replicate your voice to add in new content.


Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica strives to provide exceptional resources for your projects at a fair price. It is a market for fonts, graphics, and art that is affordable for anyone. You can even create your own designs to fit your needs. Creative Fabrica is the place to go if you are looking to create a unique brand that stands out from the rest.



This tool allows you to remove unwanted objects, defects, people or text from your pictures within seconds. Cleanup.pictures is easy to understand and quick to use, but also produces high quality images with no blemishes on them. The tool has been used for a range of different jobs, including photographers, creative agencies, real estate companies and e-commerce entrepreneurs.


Cutout Pro

Cutout.pro is an AI powered visual design platform that delivers a wide range of products that are available for individual use and business application. The app offers a multitude of tools, from image background removal to photo enhancers to AI art generation. Using Cutout.pro, you can remove unwanted objects or background from a photo, shifting the focus to your products. 



Remove.bg’s AI removes backgrounds automatically in just 5 seconds with a single click. You can choose to leave the background as transparent or pick from a library of preset backgrounds to make your photo look even better. Remove.bg is completely free but still flawlessly alters your photos with stunning quality.



Unscreen is a free program that removes video backgrounds at no cost whatsoever. Using AI technology, Unscreen automatically analyses your video and returns a high quality result. It eliminates the need for complex peripherals such as greenscreens, eliminating unnecessary expenses and saving precious time.



Imagine being able to remove unwanted objects in an image with just a click – and in seconds. That’s exactly what MagicEraser does. The software is uniquely designed to edit photos and remove unwanted objects, all while preserving the quality of the original photo. The software helps people to take away the distraction in their images and easily create a better looking photograph.



VEED is the quickest way and easiest way to make professional quality videos. The tool lets you enhance your videos with automatic subtitles, text formatting and background noise removal. You can even stream live to your audience without any need for expensive tools or equipment. VEED allows you to edit and publish polished videos with only a single click.

Get Recut

Get Recut is an excellent video and podcast tool that eliminates the tedious processes associated with editing. It automatically finds the silences within a video or audio clip, and cuts it out, reducing the amount of manual work you have to do, and freeing your time to market your product to a wider audience. You can tweak the software to make sure your recording sounds natural, and it can easily be exported from Recut without modifying the original copy.



ImgCreator is an AI image generator that automatically creates a picture for you based on a text prompt that you type in. Users get full commercial usage rights for the images that they create, including the right to reprint, sell and merchandise any or all of the images that they have created. Using AI to make images for you saves time and allows you to project a distinctive brand that will leave an impact on potential customers.



Tella allows you to bring your work to life with video. You can use it for product demos, tutorials, and presentations to create dynamic and interesting content. The interface is easy to understand and makes it extremely simple to customise your content to engage your audience.



Pictory makes video marketing easy for you by allowing you to automatically create short, highly-sharable branded videos in a cost-effective fashion, with no technical skills or software download required. Using an advanced artificial intelligence system, Pictory automatically extracts important clips from your Zoom, Teams and Webinar recordings, saving you precious time. It then uses these to produce jaw-dropping sales videos that will skyrocket user engagement.



Renderforest allows you to start growing your business by creating stunning videos, animations, branding, mockups, presentations, graphics and professional websites. It offers a plethora of design and marketing tools in one dashboard for affordable price, and its wide range of creative pre-made templates ensures that you will never run out of ideas. Renderforest has helped over 15 million users enhance their presence in the business world.



Wave.video is a platform to make and record videos that allows you to promote your brand to a wider audience. It offers a bundle of powerul functions, including resizing and trimming videos, combining clips, changing layouts, and adding text animations. Wave.video also lets you make fully customised live streams with absolutely no coding required. You can stream live or broadcast pre-recorded videos that will amaze your audience.



Photopea is a free photo editor that contains a wide range of advanced editing features. It’s simple to use, with a user interface that’s been designed to be as intuitive as possible. Whether you’re looking for a way to edit your latest selfie or you want to create the perfect picture for your next business proposal, Photopea will allow you to bring your ideas to life without having to spend hours editing every detail.



== Text To Speech ==

Big Speak

Big Speak allows you to generate realistic sounding English audio from text. It uses a blend of machine learning algorithms to bring the best voice generation technology, integrating pauses, tones and tempo to project a more human-like voice. Big Speak allows you to choose between different voices and accents, which can help you form a better connection with your client and increase sales.



Murf lets you make studio quality voiceovers in just minutes. Its lifelike AI voices can be used for podcasts, videos and all your professional presentations. Murf contains a vast library including over 120 text to speech voices in more than 20 languages. You can also modify the pitch, punctuations and emphasis that the voice is speaking in to capture the right tone to carry your message.



Play.ht generates realistic text-to-speech audio using an online AI voice generator. It boasts 142 different languages and accents, helping to create natural sounding speech that feels authentic. Audio generated using Play.ht is free to be used for both commercial and personal use with full rights. It can also be exported in high quality MP3 and WAV formats with sample rates ranging from 8kHz to 48kHz.



NaturalReader provides a powerful text-to-speech service for home, work, or on the go. All you need to do is upload text or documents and it will convert it into an MP3 file that is available for commercial use. NaturalReader contains natural sounding voices at high quality, as well as OCR technology that allows it to read from scanned documents or images.



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