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21 Jul 12

Cool Movie Poster, Bro

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration

Most of us enjoy going to the movies (I’m generalising, so sue me). Like the regular theatre patron, I’m constantly bombarded by movie posters of upcoming blockbusters, informing me that Harry Potter And The Mystery Of Ron Being Ed Sheeran Part 5.65 (of a 20 part sequel) is coming out in 2015, and the like. These posters are meant to engage my attention, to make me hold my pants in anticipation for 3 years until the movie finally premieres, I watch it, and am bitterly disappointed that I have been holding (and wearing) the same pants for the last 36 months. movie1 Interestingly enough, if you actually pay attention to, or purchase movie posters, you will notice a trend in the lack of originality in the design of these posters. It seems that the same kind of style is used for particular genres, as if the designers for movie posters are nestled in a safe-zone that they are unwilling to break out of. This is actually quite depressing that there have been no real creative innovations in this area, and you will see what I mean from the examples below. But maybe I’m just being really pedantic, and no one really cares about movie posters because, well, they care more about the movie itself. So without further ado… movie2 movie3 movie4 movie5 movie6 movie7 Anyway, did anyone notice why Spiderman has reflective visors on his mask? Yes, who knows. 

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