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02 Aug 12

Never Feel Cramped Up At Your Office Desk Again…

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration

As web designers, we spend most of our days staring at computers behind a desk – just regular wooden rectangles, like many other office workers out there. It seems to be a global constant; although they come in many colours, sizes and materials, from wood to plastic to glass, the shapes are always so depressingly quadrilateral and bland that it can be hard to remember that there are some really creative, beautiful designs to be found. Luckily for us, Melody Stone from Northern California has taken it upon herself to collect 15 amazing desks from around the world here, some of which are still in development, others being used right now. The desks are all comfortable, functional and practical without being boring. My top 3 favourites would have to be: The K Workstation, which is sadly not out yet, has beautiful line and form, with a small bookshelf that also gives it a private feel. Its sleekness and organic design should speak for itself, and would be a great addition for any home office. kworkstation The Duplex Workspace Desk from Sophie Kirkpatrick is perfect both for when you want to socialise and when you need to focus; the little roof that can be created shuts out the world around you and allows you to concentrate single-mindedly on what’s in front of you, i.e., your computer. Duplex Workstation The B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk, because come on, it’s a desk that’s an airplane wing. It would be a great conversation starter: “Wow, what is that extremely cool slab of utter beauty under your laptop?” “Well, it’s part of a B-25 Mitchell Bomber…” Bomber Desk Remember to check out the full list here!

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