12 Apr 15

The Sound Of Visual Art

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration


“Outstanding visuals, amazing concept, brilliant music”

If you’re ever wondering what our web designers and developers are listening to whilst weaving their digital magic in Sketch and PHP, you’ll stumble across some interesting technological treats. Contrary to its title “Cymatics – science versus music”, Nigel Stanford’s digital music clip is truly the perfect blend of science and music. It showcases the the power of music and how it physically moves us and our surroundings. Rapid technological beats create a symphony of sounds and a beautiful bespoke range of interactive visuals. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds as they pulse through your body, engaging all your senses. CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_0 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_1 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_37 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_121 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_133 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_134 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_64 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_69 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_91 CYMATICS_NigelStanford_4k_32


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