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23 Beautiful Hotel Web Designs for Inspiration

Josh | Creative Inspiration

Hotels and travel websites are some of the most frequently visited websites on the internet. It really is no surprise that the need to deliver a convincing user experience is…

Responsive Web Design Sucks: Flexible & Fluid Grids

Josh | Web Design

Majority of the web design community are behind Responsive Web Design (RWD) and rightly so as this concept of web pages that adapt to the browsing device is most likely…

Awesome Uses of Typography in Web Design

Josh | Creative Inspiration

Some say that typography is a 2013 design trend, but typography has always been fundamental to design. For many centuries, styling text has been used to effectively communicate messages. Mastering…

Responsive Web Design Sucks: Image & Text Tools

Josh | User Interface

Nearly three years ago an article on A List Apart titled “Responsive Web Design” sparked an absolute storm in the web design community. The increased difficulty and time required to…

15 Inspirational Australian Websites

Josh | Creative Inspiration

Yes I am a proud Australian hailing from Melbourne. Although our web design and development is probably not as well known as our sporting heroes or our famous wildlife, there…

I wear whites socks and drink lattes…

Irwin Hau | Web Agency Life

This was one of the 1st lines we read in one of the resumes we received for a web design role we had available. It definitely made us want to…

Responsive Web Design Sucks: Part 1

Josh | User Interface

Responsive Web Design is all the rage right now. It’s absolutely not surprising as it not only caters for different screen sizes and devices (tablets, phones, computers, laptops…etc), but it’s…

Winning Website Oscars?

Josh | Creative Inspiration

Congratulations to all the Oscar winners this year, but what does it take to win awards for Websites? Let’s start by examining some of the past winners from two of…

WordPress vs Silverstripe

Josh | Digital Industry News

The top digital agencies in Australia have definitely started to use and promote Silverstripe over the well established WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System) of choice. Although slightly detached…

Arial vs. Helvetica, Round 1, Fight!

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration

When people think of website design, they often overlook the choice of font. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman or even the cringe-worthy Comic Sans are usually the common choice but…

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