11 Jul 16

Our Office is a Pokemon Pokestop!

Irwin Hau | Technology

Chromatix Pokestop

“So much sweet Pokeball goodness”

With the launch of Pokemon Go (Australia) last week, swarms have taken to the streets on the weekend and from the looks of it, the addiction doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I don’t know about you, but when you work in a digital agency, it’s hard to ignore the latest and greatest in technology. “Gaming at work” is such an ugly phrase, we prefer “thorough digital research and testing”. It makes it twice as bad when our office itself is a Pokestop (well, it’s only a stone’s throw behind us which practically makes the whole office a treasure trove full of sweet Pokeball goodness). With the majority of our staff being Pokemon fans, we’re bound to stumble across a few “productivity issues” in the office.   Chromatix Bird Feeding “Boss, I’m Running A Little Late To Work” Feeding the birds whilst waiting for the (5th) train that I’ve just missed. Whoops, I didn’t notice the sign!   Chromatix Sick Leave Sick Leave Approval Nice try. I think we all caught something this weekend. Pokemon fever!   Chromatix Annoucement Management Issues No gaming during work hours, but if you’re going to play, make sure you’re on the right team (it’s all about consistent branding right?).   Chromatix Lunch At Least It Gets People Out Of The Office It’s the new fitness app that’s getting everyone out and about. It feels like a ghost town in the office.   Chromatix IT Support IT Support Needs Extra Support The good old blue screen of death has truly evolved. You can’t keep logging in server error tickets people!   Chromatix Gym Catch Knocking Off Early To Head To The Gym  It’s leg week at gyms right across Australia.   Chromatix Client Meeting Taking The Scenic Route Between Client Meetings Enjoying the sights and sounds of the city (and picking up a few friends along the way).   Chromatix Nap Sleeping On The Job Putting the snore in Snorlax. All that walking deserves a bit of nap. A quick snooze never hurt anyone.