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21 Oct 21

Branding Solutions for Small Business

Alice Khau | Web Design

Branding is not just a logo, a colour palette, your products or your services. With the guidance of an experienced website design agency, it is all these things combined together which constitute your brand experience. It’s the philosophy you embrace, your brand values, mission statement which give your customers a unique brand experience. The consistency of these constitute a streamlined customer experience, which allows them to feel brand continuity. 

Your brand strategy should guide how and what you communicate with your customers. As a business, you should strive to humanise your brand as much as possible. A strong brand will help you differentiate your business from competitors. 

So if you’ve been curious about why branding matters, and what your customers think about it, we’ve got you covered.


Branding Statistics To Help Web Design (Small Business)

Colour improves brand recognition by up to 80% (Source)

Colours have a unique way of making you feel certain emotions. It’s for the same reasons that when colours are selected in marketing, they can have a drastic effect on what consumers associate with your brand.

Let’s take a look at currently established brands and the impact of colour. Think about which brand you most associate with bright red and yellow, or with the deep purple colour. Did you think about McDonald’s for the first one, and Cadbury for the second one? We did too, and so would many others.

  • Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. If your product packaging, social media posts, website, and promotional material send a uniform message about your brand identity and its core values, you are more likely to cash in. The importance of brand recognition comes down to higher revenue. (Source : Forbes)
  • Brands that blog generate 67% more leads.
  • On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand. (Source)
  • 54% of consumers would like to see more video content from brands they support. (Source)



Consumer & Client Thinking 

  • 86 percent of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support. (Source)
  • Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33 percent (Source)
  • Brand consistency is making sure that your brand values, image, and messaging is consistent across all channels. Customers appreciate it when a business has a consistent brand.
  • Utilise brand guidelines to keep your brand voice consistent across all channels gives your customers a consistent experience with your brand. In a way, they’ll know and feel that your messaging is true because you’re sticking with it. This way, your customer remembers you. When they see your logo, or your branding, they’ll know what to expect, and what to feel.
  • Millennial and Gen Z consumers demand that businesses care for something more than just profit, and if they can’t see that from a brand, they don’t hesitate looking for a brand that does. (Source)
  • 81 percent of consumers said that they need to be able to trust the brand in order to buy from them. (Source)
  • 50% of people follow 1 to 4 brands on social media, 26% follow 5 to 9 brands, 22% follow 10 or more brands, and 3% follow no brands. (Source)
  • 68% of consumers said that they have much higher expectations for businesses’ digital capabilities in the wake of COVID-19 (Source)



Small Business Branding Statistics

  • 73% of small businesses invest in social media marketing as part of their branding efforts (Source)
  • 34% of small businesses invest in video marketing. (Source)
  • 69% of companies report that brand guidelines aren’t widely adopted or don’t exist at all. (Source)
  • While 85% of organisations have brand guidelines, only 30% are consistently enforced… hence why these companies aren’t seeing results. Few companies leverage the effectiveness and power of brand guidelines.



B2B Business Branding Statistics

  • B2B brands fare better with customers when they use emotive rather than rational marketing messages. (Source)
  • 33% who ended their relationship with a company did so because the experience wasn’t personalised enough. (Source)

    The study, conducted by CEB (formerly Corporate Executive Board) in partnership with Google, suggests that although B2B buying is often treated as an activity influenced solely by logical factors such as cost-benefit analyses, risk assessments and feasibility studies, in reality the process is determined by the same complex mix of gut instinct, emotion, reason and post-rationalisation that drives all human decisions.


A Summary in Branding Design in 2021

From the numbers above, it’s easy to see how a unified branding solution across all touch points of your company are imperative to improving your customer’s experience and consequently your conversion potential. Strong branding will increase your leads and help your customers distinguish you easier from the competition. It helps build trust and gives your brand a platform to project your voice and values. In an age where millennial and Gen Z consumers are looking for more, it’s no longer enough to have a narrowed focus of high profits and low margins. What is your brand’s purpose and how does it fit into this world of accountability and humanity?

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