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Alice Khau

A creative mind where the worlds of UI web design and copywriting collide. She possesses a deep-seated love for diving into the intricacies of user psychology to guide meaningful user experiences. With her empathetic mindset, she ensures our customer-centric web approach keeps target audiences in focus, and not just our clients.

Her love for the finely written word first grew from hours immersed in the works of Austen, Tolkien, Dumas and many other well-loved authors. With the addition of humour and sharp wit, an expertise in digital and a keen pursuit to understand people, the result is powerful. She is focused on crafting stories and headlines that truly resonate. Opening the mind for connection. Inspiring the hands to action.

web designer and copywriter

Best Web Design Tools & Apps for 2024 – Featuring Adobe, Shopify & Squarespace

Alice Khau | Web Design

Why Investing In The Right Design Tools & Apps Matter The rapid evolution of web design tools is transforming how we create engaging and effective websites. The use of innovative…

Top 10 eCommerce Website Design Trends for 2023 [UPDATED]

Alice Khau | Web Design

Digital has evolved steadily over the last decade, no matter if you’re from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or beyond. But in the last 3 years we have experienced a radically transformative…

How A Good Web Design Influences Customer Behaviour

Alice Khau | Web Design

Great web design is no longer just about following the latest visual design trends. While nice to have, elegant typography and classy photography are small pawns in a complex digital…

Role of Modern Web Design Elements to Generate More Enquiries From Your Website

Alice Khau | Web Design

In the world of boutique web design melbourne, we see many clients who are luxury or high-end and struggle with conversions in a soft-sell way. Big bold red sales discounts…

Things to Expect From a Website Redesign Project

Alice Khau | Web Design

Website redesign questions for small businesses A new website is often the key in accelerating business growth, reviving your brand identity and better connecting with your customers. There’s a lot…

The Best Website Designing and Hosting Location For Your Local Business

Alice Khau | Web Development

What is Website Hosting and Why Is It Important? A fair question that many web designers Melbourne and creative agencies get asked. Simply put, a company’s website is the new…

Principles and Strategies to Enhance your eCommerce Store Through UX Design

Alice Khau | Web Design

In layman’s terms, UX is how easy and enjoyable it is for your consumers to use a certain interface. It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed your website is if your…

Branding Solutions for Small Business

Alice Khau | Web Design

Branding is not just a logo, a colour palette, your products or your services. With the guidance of an experienced website design agency, it is all these things combined together…

Interactive eCommerce Websites Designs That Convert Visitors to Customers

Alice Khau | Web Design

The last 2 years of ecommerce website design melbourne and in other cities have truly been a revolutionary one. The impact of COVID-19 catalysed user behaviour changes that would have…

15 WordPress Design Inspirations That’ll Make You Go “Wow!”

Alice Khau | Web Design

Capture and attention are integral to high conversions and engagement for a website. Mastering this is a crucial step towards creating a website that is memorable and stands out to…

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