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12 Nov 21

The Best Website Designing and Hosting Location For Your Local Business

Alice Khau | Web Development

What is Website Hosting and Why Is It Important?

A fair question that many web designers Melbourne and creative agencies get asked. Simply put, a company’s website is the new shopfront, with hosting being the foundations of the building. We will explain what website hosting encompasses and the importance of taking web design and hosting Melbourne seriously.

Website hosting is a service where organisations (or individuals in some cases) host a website accessible via a web browser. In the same way you might have a secure filing system at the office for important business and client documents, your website also contains data that needs to be securely stored in order for it to function properly. You are essentially trusting this specialist provider to securely store your files (HTML, pictures etc) that make up your website, and run your site live on the internet.

A web host then provides your website – your entire bunch of files and folders – with a server. This is essentially where your website is hosted. When users search up your domain name this connects to the host, their computer will connect to that server, and your website will then be delivered to their computer for viewing!

Web hosting services come in all shapes and sizes. There is shared hosting ,dedicated hosting, different RAM capabilities, SSL certificates and server cores. Different plans will suit the needs of different businesses. The best value or plan will depend on your priorities and if you require speed, storage space, security and maintenance. The higher the requirements across the board, usually the higher the cost for the service that will meet your needs.


4 Crucial Reasons to Invest In Good Hosting For Your Website

Although a website’s development is influenced by multiple factors, the servers it runs on largely determine its performance in terms of security, availability and page loading speed. The quality of hosting services is key in determining a good user experience for your customers and clients and build their trust and faith in your brand.

Prevent potential loss of revenue

When the hosting server is down, your website ceases to exist and is mostly inaccessible. When your website is down and unavailable, your potential customers won’t be able to find you. This will result in a lot of lost revenue, and also irreconcilable damage to your customers’ trust and confidence in transacting on your website in the future.


Protect your search ranking

The main objective of SEO (search engine optimisation), is to ensure that your site will rank well in search results so potential customers can find you. If your website is down frequently as a result of sketchy hosting, Google’s search spiders cannot access and crawl your site. This will directly impact your search ranking, allowing your competitors to beat you to the punch.


Faster load speeds

Local businesses attract local customers. If an Australian company chooses a foreign host provider, even though the business and the potential customers visiting the website are located in Australia, each request to navigate between the pages of the website needs to travel across borders to the foreign server, before coming back.

These slower speeds will affect the user experience, especially users that are time-poor and have an increasingly lower tolerance for slow websites. Slow loading speeds will inadvertently affect your bounce rates and Google’s favourability towards your website.


Better protection and security

No matter how new your website is, or which website designing and hosting company launched your project, it will become vulnerable to viruses and hackers. As new technology and security systems evolve, so too does malware in exposing weaknesses. Without a reliable hosting company and updated security implementations, your website can be easily compromised. Furthermore, if your host provider has not backed up your data and cannot restore your website after an attack, all the work your marketing team and content writers have done over time will be lost.



Choose the right hosting provider for your business

Varying levels of quality when it comes to location, bandwidth, server reliability, processing power pricing and providing support. 

  • Hostinger
    Best overall value web hosting 
    24/7 phone support and live chat
    Most affordable hosting plans overall with the lowest starting price
  • SiteGround
    Best premium web hosting for businesses with enterprise hosting options 
    Best for making your WordPress website fast and secure
    High level of customer service and support – they have data centres located around the world, providing excellent global reach for international businesses.
  • GreenGeeks
    Best eco-friendly hosting businesses that want to make an environmental impact
    Purchases three times the energy (300%) it actually uses in wind energy credits
    30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service
  • Kinsta
    Best premium managed WordPress hosting
    Free SSL certificate (for security)
  • Bluehost
    Best for blogs or small websites
    Best web host for beginners
    Free SSL certificate (for security)
  • Crucial
    Best Australian web hosting
    Great at VPS hosting
  • A2 Hosting
    Fast & Reliable Shared Hosting
    24/7 phone support
    Unlimited storage space which is great for info websites with a lot of data and files


Need Help with Web Designing and Hosting Services?

When you’re running a small business, it often requires wearing multiple hats and stretching your skill sets. Whilst this is commendable, setting up and launching your business website is one of those skills best left in the hands of competent web developers. Finding the right web host for your website will depend on your business priorities and is one of the most important decisions you’ll make (getting it wrong could cost you thousands of dollars or your business).

Web hosting in Australia and around the world now includes an array of other processes that allow your website to perform well. You can compare them based on price, the availability of their technical support team, their uptime guarantee for starters. This decision can be a tedious and confusing one to make, so feel free to call us if you need technical support on 03 9912 6403. After launching thousands of websites, this is a decision we’ve assisted many of our clients with.

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