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05 Jun 12

Help Me Help You Design

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration

So how do you feel? What do you picture? Tell me more about your business. When it comes to creativity, design in particular, it’s always hard to get into someone’s head. Everyone has their own perceived idea of what a design should look like, what elements it should contain and how parts should come together.

Mood boards or story boards as some call them are a fantastic way of gaining a better idea of what the overall look should be, as well as understanding more about the business and what its brand stands for.

Let’s take a random clothing brand, let’s call it RapCarl. To help give the creative designers a kick start, a mood board is compiled. This is done in collaboration with the client which helps to position in the minds of everyone the same design feel. In this case, we might have shots of sun, surf and sand, young guys and girls having fun on the beach, killer waves and bright vibrant colours. You can see how it all starts to paint a picture.

We then translate that into print or the digital space. The imagery we use starts to reflect these values, and the creative wheels start turning. So when you think about designs, put together a sample set of images, give the creatives a bit of inspiration and start with a mood board. They say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

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