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03 Mar 12

The Write Website Copy

Irwin Hau | Digital Marketing

How to Nail Effective Marketing

When it comes to effective marketing, it is imperative that you utilise fantastic copy. If you want to get that perfect direct response from your marketing material, you need to make sure your copy is top notch. When it comes to getting the right balance of copy on a website, it can be a real juggling act. Too little, no one will know what you’re selling. Too much text, no ones going to read it. So how much should you write and are there ways of making it look more presentable?

No matter if its trying to get someone to buy something or you just need to attract attention with a killer headline, here are a few simple tips and tricks you can employ to get that perfect balance:

  • Keep text brief and manageable. Short paragraphs help to break up large chunks.
  • Use dot points to help break down lists and create emphasis. Numbered, dots, whatever it takes.
  • Add headings to add interest and guide the reader. It also allows the user to skim over the document and helps them index in their mind what they are looking for.
  • Use bold and colours where necessary. It helps to highlight key points and phrases. But remember, too much can also look like a dogs breakfast so be careful.
  • Use imagery and photography. Images in between and through your body content to help break down sections.
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