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21 Aug 13

Web Designer & Geek Gift Ideas

Josh | Creative Inspiration


A meaningful present will always top a voucher; it shows thought and understanding of your friend! Even if you don’t really know what goes on in a creative studio, and don’t understand the in-jokes of web designers or developers, don’t despair! We’ve got you covered.

The latest and greatest gadgets are never cheap, are ‘safe’ and don’t show much creativity in your present giving. This is a great opportunity to get creative with your gift and give them something they’ll remember minus the ridiculous price tag! I must disclaimer that some of these may not be the most practical gifts, but they are all cool or fun (to me anyway). Most of these gift ideas are much more affordable than the latest iPad or smartphone as a bonus as well. If you’re anything like myself I’m sure you’ll take advantage of these creative ideas for yourself as well. Heck, I’m already thinking about which of these would be great for my own desk in the office…


Ctrl Alt Del Cup Set

Coffee is a staple part of many geeks’ diets and this set up cups will definitely get some comments from your guests because they are simply geek-tastic! ctrl_alt_del_cups

Pebble E-Paper Watch

Many geeks have replaced their watch with their smartphone, but this watch connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth for notifications, functionality and is infinitely customisable. Basically it’s every geek’s dream watch. pebble-watch

TECH-SMART Touch Screen Gloves

It’s winter here in Australia and I often get freezing hands but I… must… use… iPad arg! Here’s the perfect solution: tech-smart-gloves  

Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

A real working LED lamp of the image I used on a recent blog post about responsive web design plugins, the Tetris pieces light up when you stack them on! To my wife, if you happen to read this post and it’s my birthday soon please buy this for me. tetris_stackable_LED_lamp

No I Will Not Fix Your Computer T-Shirt

This is a classic and would be an especially great gift for that geek  in your friendship circle who actually gets asked to fix computers once in a while. will-not-fix-tshirt

Big Big Cursor

Many web designers and developers all over the world already have at least one of these, really just because it’s so cool and it’s cheap.

big-big-cursorCreative Sleep Pillows

If you don’t know what those 2 letters on the pillows mean, don’t worry your designer or web developer friend will know and they’ll love them! creative-sleep-pillows

Livescribe Sky Smartpen

Slightly on the expensive side for a present, but it is magical and practical. From paper, directly to your digital world!

livescribe-sky-smartpenPowergen Mobile Battery

Gone are the days of week long mobile device battery lives, and we welcome the age of battery hungry devices with a useful gift like this one. powergen

LoL Inspired Clothing

League of Legends is arguably the online game most likely played by your geek friends right now and you can’t go wrong with something like a Blitzcrank(character in the game) hoodie.

lol-blitzcrank-hoodieLeaf Tie

If you work with computers you’re gonna eventually need cable ties and why not have some stylish ones that make your cables look like wrapped twigs.leaf-tie

Ctrl Esc Cufflinks

I’ve received these as a gift and wear them every chance I get, not joking at all. I love them and so will your geeky friends!


Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin

If you’ve never heard of World of Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons and don’t understand what’s so great about this bin, it’s OK because it’s not for you – your geek friend will love it. crusaders_great_helm_trash_can

Airplane Doorstop

Probably one of the gift ideas here that might extend beyond the web designer and geek circle. Or I might just be geekier than I think I am, because this doorstop is awesome to me. airplane-doorstop

Hobbit The One Ring Earrings

Here’s one just for the ladies. You might think this is a niche gift, but you’d be surprised by the amount of females who love Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit! hobbit_one_ring_earrings

Star Wars Complete Ice Saga

No collection of geek gifts is complete with something “cool” from the Star Wars franchise. Ice cool, get it?… star-wars-complete-ice-saga

Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock

This one is for those brainiacs you know, not sure how practical this idea is though.


White & White Clock

This clock is on the expensive side, for good reason though. It’s stylish, it glows and it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. white-white-clock

Cooking for Geeks

The gift for when you’re concerned about that designer or developer friend that he/she is eating too much junk and drinking too much Coke. cooking-for-geeks  

USB Beverage Cooler/Warmer

Keep that Coke cool AND keep it next to your computer, genius right?


Massive Titan Sword

Last but not least, the real life item that every anime or manga (Japanese animation/comics) fan wants but no one really needs. I take it back, everyone needs one of these… it even has working blue LEDs. foam_titan_sword SO, which one was your favourite?!

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