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06 Nov 17

Chromatix Connect – The True Heart of Our Digital Agency

Irwin Hau | Web Agency Life

Chromatix Connect 2017v2 “The why of what we do here at Chromatix!” Wow! Another amazing Chromatix Connect has come and gone. As consistent as Christmas, Chromatix Connect always brings an amazing smile to our faces. Being able to share an exquisite meal with equally awesome people is nothing short of amazing. As always, Chromatix Connect represents a chance for us to continue our mantra of “Create, Collaborate, and Coach.” The connections and stories shared over the award-winning 3-course meal give reason to what we do. We love seeing our clients grow and equally, we love growing with them. Special shout out to the Chromatix Staff, Pongky from Radiant Studio and the whole team at the Hellenic Republic for helping us make the night amazing.


To all the guest who could and couldn’t make it, you are the reason that we do what we do. Thanks so much! Chromatix Connect runs once yearly, so if you are interested in coming next year let us know. “But what if we can’t wait?” I hear you ask? Well, Chromatix will have heaps of opportunities to glean new information. From Chromatix Couch – our podcast series – and our Round Table – “our lunch and learn sessions” – As a digital agency, we will hope to connect you with relevant information, particularly digital strategy,  to tackle business in a digital age. Call us, email us and (most importantly) grab a coffee with us if you want to hear more!

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