Responsive Web Design Sucks: Plugins, Shims & Polyfills


Websites that magically adapt to the user’s screen size, who wouldn’t want that nowadays? Especially since Samsung and Apple’s never ending release of awesome new gadgets with various device screen sizes.

Our six part series for responsive web design is nearing the end with our fifth post on responsive web design plugins, shims and polyfills. Responsive web design sucks from the perspective of the designer/developer since it adds another layer of complexity to any website, but there are some plugins that make our lives easier. Minimum fiddling around and maximum results, time is money and efficiency shouldn’t be at the cost of effectiveness! Check out some of our favourite responsive web design plugins, shims and polyfills.


15+ Effective Non-Profit Websites


Showcases of different industry’s websites like our recent posts on great hotel websites and car websites demonstrate different and appropriate uses of web design techniques. So what makes an effective non-profit organisation website?

The basic principles aren’t actually much different. Non-profit organisations are actually still selling something to their users. “No, hold up that can’t be right?” That’s right, all design is about selling. In the case of non-profit organisations they are selling a cause.

There are obvious challenges because most of the time, there is no direct benefit for the user to buy into a cause. Just like any other transaction, non-profit websites have the challenge of convincing users to part with their time, money or resources. Let’s check out some great examples of non-profit websites.

Website Logos: Is Your Logo a Major Failure?


Today we have a guest post from our friend Richard Eaves, digital specialist for Smart Traffic in the UK. Enjoy!

Your logo is a key component in defining your business. Since it serves as the visual representation of your brand, it needs to stand out and be memorable.

However, some companies tend to overdo or underwhelm when it comes to their logos. Even some well-known businesses have gone through major blunders when redesigning their logos. Take a look at the following ‘before and after’ images to see why some people perceived these as failures.


20+ Creative Automotive & Car Websites

creative automotive car websites

It’s no surprise that automotive businesses have some of the nicest looking websites. With well known and luxurious brand names hailing from this industry, I’m sure the dollar figures spent to design and develop these visual masterpieces are quite high. The hotel industry might be similar, but we’ve already got a popular post on inspirational hotel websites – be sure to check it out.

Most car related websites are “driven” by their stunning product images, but there’s still plenty of inspiration from the content layout, navigation, clever use and manipulation of that awesome imagery.

This is NOT a generic list of top automotive brand domains at all. Enjoy our selection of creative automotive & car websites!


Responsive Web Design Sucks: Boilerplates & Frameworks


In some ways responsive web design has regressed web design trends back to simplicity, flat designs, grid and box layouts. Some may argue that this limits creativity and innovation, which is partially true. Given some time though I’m sure us web design/development geeks will find ways around constraints.

There are already plenty of tools to support responsive web design, you can find my last three posts in this responsive web design tools series here: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3. Boilerplates and frameworks are another awesome resource to cut down the time it takes to get a responsive website up and running. I’ll mention some of my favourites below.