Web Designer & Geek Gift Ideas


The latest and greatest gadgets are never cheap even though they make perfect presents for any geek. On top of that it’s a great opportunity to get creative with your gift and give them something they’ll remember!

I must disclaimer that some of these may not be the most practical gifts, but they are all cool or fun (to me anyway). Most of these gift ideas are much more affordable than the latest iPad or smartphone as a bonus as well.

If you’re anything like myself I’m sure you’ll take advantage of these creative ideas for yourself as well. Heck, I’m already thinking about which of these would be great for my own desk in the office…


DeviantART: 30 Pieces of Beautiful Artwork


DeviantART is has been the largest online community for artists and art enthusiasts since its inception in 2000. This free platform is fantastic for exploring all kinds of original art work ranging from painting and sculpture to photography, hand drawn and digital art. Much of what is showcased below will unlikely be applied directly in a commercial setting, but it is awesome artwork that inspires creativity and stretches our imagination. Check it out!

Responsive Web Design Sucks: Plugins, Shims & Polyfills


Websites that magically adapt to the user’s screen size, who wouldn’t want that nowadays? Especially since Samsung and Apple’s never ending release of awesome new gadgets with various device screen sizes.

Our six part series for responsive web design is nearing the end with our fifth post on responsive web design plugins, shims and polyfills. Responsive web design sucks from the perspective of the designer/developer since it adds another layer of complexity to any website, but there are some plugins that make our lives easier. Minimum fiddling around and maximum results, time is money and efficiency shouldn’t be at the cost of effectiveness! Check out some of our favourite responsive web design plugins, shims and polyfills.


15+ Effective Non-Profit Websites


Showcases of different industry’s websites like our recent posts on great hotel websites and car websites demonstrate different and appropriate uses of web design techniques. So what makes an effective non-profit organisation website?

The basic principles aren’t actually much different. Non-profit organisations are actually still selling something to their users. “No, hold up that can’t be right?” That’s right, all design is about selling. In the case of non-profit organisations they are selling a cause.

There are obvious challenges because most of the time, there is no direct benefit for the user to buy into a cause. Just like any other transaction, non-profit websites have the challenge of convincing users to part with their time, money or resources. Let’s check out some great examples of non-profit websites.

Website Logos: Is Your Logo a Major Failure?


Today we have a guest post from our friend Richard Eaves, digital specialist for Smart Traffic in the UK. Enjoy!

Your logo is a key component in defining your business. Since it serves as the visual representation of your brand, it needs to stand out and be memorable.

However, some companies tend to overdo or underwhelm when it comes to their logos. Even some well-known businesses have gone through major blunders when redesigning their logos. Take a look at the following ‘before and after’ images to see why some people perceived these as failures.