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Web Agency Life

8 hours with 15,000 pieces of Candy – Willy Wonka Poster

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration

“We’ve always been told that we shouldn’t play with our food.” UI designers, web design specialists and creatives alike are always trained that users “eat with their eyes”, but this…

Brands Upping their Game on Social Media

Richard | Creative Inspiration

We’ve cruised through the year’s best and worst, but the year isn’t done yet! We’ve seen some amazing web design concepts, user interactive sites, responsive mobile optimised technologies and digital…

Web Designer & Geek Gift Ideas

Josh | Creative Inspiration

A meaningful present will always top a voucher; it shows thought and understanding of your friend! Even if you don’t really know what goes on in a creative studio, and…

DeviantART: 30 Pieces of Beautiful Artwork

Josh | Creative Inspiration

DeviantART is has been the largest website and online community for artists and art enthusiasts since its inception in 2000. This free web platform is fantastic for exploring all kinds…

Website Logos: Is Your Logo a Major Failure?

Richard | Creative Inspiration

Today we have a guest post from our friend Richard Eaves, digital specialist for Smart Traffic in the UK. Enjoy! Your logo is a key component in defining your business….

10 Hidden Website Easter Eggs!

Josh | Web Agency Life

With Easter literally just around the corner, before you stuff your face with chocolate Easter eggs check out these hidden amusements commonly known as “Easter eggs” on the web. From…

When should you Agile?

Julian Chan | Web Agency Life

Agile is an iterative software development paradigm that still scares a lot of clients when we talk to them about it. Strangely so, as it’s supposed to allow for adaptability…

I wear whites socks and drink lattes…

Irwin Hau | Web Agency Life

This was one of the 1st lines we read in one of the resumes we received for a web design role we had available. It definitely made us want to…

Creatives Lego design ideas

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration

Everyone loves Lego, who doesn’t really? But you can extend Lego beyond just building castles and cars (and maybe someday even extend to generating design ideas for your website). I…

Never Feel Cramped Up At Your Office Desk Again…

Irwin Hau | Creative Inspiration

As web designers, we spend most of our days staring at computers behind a desk – just regular wooden rectangles, like many other office workers out there. It seems to…

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