The Sound Of Visual Art

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

“Outstanding visuals, amazing concept, brilliant music” Contrary to its title “Cymatics – science versus music”, Nigel Stanford’s music clip is truly the perfect blend of science and music. It showcases…

8 hours with 15,000 pieces of Candy – Willy Wonka Poster

Irwin Hau | Advertising

“We’ve always been told that we shouldn’t play with our food.” To mark the 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s deliciously delightful novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, online magazine Don’t Panic…

If only this happened in every supermarket!

Irwin Hau | Inspiration

  “Wow, never did I expect to get an email from Ritchies IGA boss Fred Harrison!” Each Christmas, we celebrate a little differently. Rejecting being “average” is part of our…

Web Designer & Geek Gift Ideas

Josh | Inspiration

The latest and greatest gadgets are never cheap even though they make perfect presents for any geek. On top of that it’s a great opportunity to get creative with your…

DeviantART: 30 Pieces of Beautiful Artwork

Josh | Inspiration

DeviantART is has been the largest online community for artists and art enthusiasts since its inception in 2000. This free platform is fantastic for exploring all kinds of original art…

23 Beautiful Hotel Web Designs for Inspiration

Josh | Inspiration

Hotels and travel websites are some of the most frequently visited websites on the internet. It really is no surprise that the need to deliver a convincing user experience is…