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Where Design Innovation Meets Analytics

User Interface and User Experience Specialists

Chromatix is an independent multi award-winning digital solutions agency based in Melbourne. From user focused web design to business automation strategies, we specialise in creative and cost-effective web solutions for reaching your target audience and business goals.


Our passionate team of in-house digital gurus have a real commitment to understanding your business and are experts in web design, web development, user journey analysis, e-commerce online stores, business API integrations, digital automation and augmenting business processes. As a digital agency founded in 2009, we have developed and maintained custom solutions for a wide range of businesses; including education, retail, property, construction, manufacturing, legal, design, recruitment agencies and IT companies throughout Australia. We take particular pride and enjoy our close working relationship with each and every one of our clients. The person you speak to from day 1 is the person who will work with you closely till your projects complete.

Building Sites For Sore Eyes

Creativity meets simplicity

At Chromatix, we love web design. From conception to completion, our in-house team in Melbourne will guide you through the process. Our digital agency work is of the highest quality and never outsourced.

Whether you require a user experience that is powerful, unique or convincing, our web design team work very closely with you to create the masterpiece that will encourage interaction, spark client interest, strengthen your brand, generate sales, lead generation or whatever the purpose of your website may be. We work to make your site integrate smoothly with any aspect of your business.

The unseen structural and coding integrity of a website is not any less important to Chromatix. The development team utilise as much or as little technology required to bring your website to life, including open source programming (PHP), Microsoft programming (ASP.net), SQL, MySQL database programming, database integration, HTML5, JQuery, custom content management, Wordpress, Magento eCommerce, API creation and custom integrations. We deal with the technical jargon so you can focus on your business.

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Removing Repetition & Mundane Tasks

Doing the work that you don’t want to

A company is a machine made of countless moving parts, everything needs to work together seemlessly - What would it mean if all the areas of your business not only meshed together but were able to communicate vital real-time data to you and your team. Whether you want automated reporting for crucial business decisions or you want to combine time tracking with your project management software, we are all about making your business processes easy. We develop the systems that solve business problems at the press of a button.

Whether you're looking for ways to integrate API solutions, connect your payment gateways or link with events management tools. We are there for you every step of the way.

Need A Cost Saving Custom Solution?

We combine great technologies with your workflow, seamlessly

“Am I ever going to do this again?” At Chromatix, we wonder this daily. Every day we do tasks that could be completed by a computer faster and more accurately, but who has the time to make a system to perform those tasks? We do!

We believe that systems should be custom built around your operations, not the other way around. We solve digital problems and complete full digital transformations. We love all things automation and make solutions that are unique to your business. Sometimes, it's in the times of laziness new efficiencies are found.

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