Typography Personality & Purpose

3 Fracmetrica Font

Typography is all about visual expression that compliments the verbal language. In simple terms the fonts we use.

When it comes to content, we can use the same words but applying a different fonts or type, we can actually change the meaning. Typography itself changes emotions and expresses individuality. It can say a lot about a brand, help you to better understand a product characteristic or frame a design. A rather simple straight and thin font may compliment a design that is modern and sophisticated, whilst a wider bolder type may show strength, urgency or convey a serious statement. Used in smart combination with colours, typography can make a world of difference to a simple piece.

Wreck It Ralph Game

Wreck It Ralph Video Game

By now you would have watched the movie trailer stacks of times, but why watch when you can now play the game too! As one of the latest animated features from Disney, this game plays very similarly to the old Nintendo classic Donkey Kong. The aim of the game is to fix all the broken windows whilst dodging the various obstacles including ducks (very duck hunt looking might I add) and barrels.

Never Feel Cramped Up At Your Office Desk Again…

As web designers, we spend most of our days staring at computers behind a desk – just regular wooden rectangles, like many other office workers out there. It seems to be a global constant; although they come in many colours, sizes and materials, from wood to plastic to glass, the shapes are always so depressingly quadrilateral and bland that it can be hard to remember that there are some really creative, beautiful designs to be found.

Luckily for us, Melody Stone from Northern California has taken it upon herself to collect 15 amazing desks from around the world here, some of which are still in development, others being used right now. The desks are all comfortable, functional and practical without being boring. My top 3 favourites would have to be: