Compress and Extract Files using tar on command line

As web developers, we deal with ‘tar.gz’ archives quite often.  Here are a few useful commands.

Creating a ‘tar.gz’ archive from a directory

tar -zcvf archive-name.tar.gz directory-name

Extracting a ‘tar.gz’ archive

tar -zxvf archive-name.tar.gz

Option types for tar

There are various ways to specify options when using the ‘tar’ command:

  • tar -z -x -v -f archive-name.tar.gz
  • tar -zxvf archive-name.tar.gz
  • tar zxvf archive-name.tar.gz
  • tar –extract -verbose -gzip – file archive-name.tar.gz

For further information about all the options, you can use the command line man page or online

We are looking for new PHP Developers


If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the team here at Chromatix, now’s your chance!

We’re continually learning and developing, and we’re honest about where we’re at – just the same we’d expect from you!

We build sites and custom integrations for SMEs across a range of industries (though as a developer, you’ll be dealing directly with our project managers). We make it a point to marry beautiful design with equally beautiful code: our websites and UIs must look and perform great both above and below the hood.


  • are extremely close to caffeine supply, and get good deals from nearby cafes;
  • are very close to public transport – only a cafe separates us from Canterbury station;
  • have plenty of food options at our doorstep, and Camberwell and Box Hill are both a short drive or train ride away (free team lunch every Friday too!).

Once you’re present and fuelled, you’ll be working on custom automation solutions for our clients, as well as websites usually built with WordPress. Our stack is generally PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (including jQuery), HTML and CSS. We use gulp and Sass for front-end builds, and we integrate with a lot of APIs – they’re usually REST and use either JSON or XML. Obviously, you’ll need to be comfortable with all of this, as well as being able to grok the command line. If you’re light on experience in one or two areas, still consider applying – just be honest about where you’re at and be willing to learn!

Our developers are responsible for their own deployments, so you’ll need an understanding of hosting tooling. More and more clients are moving to platforms like AWS; other tools you’ll find useful include Docker, GCE and Kubernetes, as well as a working understanding of Apache, Nginx, and DNS – but as usual, having the capacity to learn these is more important than coming with the knowledge already. We’re progressively moving towards automating as much of this as possible.

All our code is version controlled via either private or, where possible, public GitHub repositories. So yes, your GitHub history will look awesome. Here’s another plus: on the frontend, we don’t support IE9 anymore – never mind IE8! Developers work upstairs, don’t have to answer the phone, and the hat rule says…. if it’s on, you will not be disturbed (in most cases!).

We love to learn. Every developer has a weekly allotment of professional development time to spend on whatever they wish, providing it’s related to work. Writing a new Slack integration, contributing to a WordPress plugin, or trying to keep up with JavaScript libraries: wherever your current learning itch is. Peer code reviews are also an integrated part of every project.

So if you’re a keen full stack web developer, PHP developer, web application developer, API integration expert, experienced programmer or database guru, submit your resume, we would love to chat!

If you want some more information or just want to see if this job is right for you, give us a call on (03) 9912 6304 or email Dan (

Chromatix Connect – The True Heart of Our Digital Agency

Chromatix Connect 2017v2

“The why of what we do here at Chromatix!”

Wow! Another amazing Chromatix Connect has come and gone. As consistent as Christmas, Chromatix Connect always brings an amazing smile to our faces. Being able to share an exquisite meal with equally awesome people is nothing short of amazing. As always, Chromatix Connect represents a chance for us to continue our mantra of “Create, Collaborate, and Coach.” The connections and stories shared over the award-winning 3-course meal give reason to what we do. We love seeing our clients grow and equally, we love growing with them.

Special shout out to the Chromatix Staff, Pongky from Radiant Studio and the whole team at the Hellenic Republic for helping us make the night amazing.

To all the guest who could and couldn’t make it, you are the reason that we do what we do. Thanks so much!

Chromatix Connect runs once yearly, so if you are interested in coming next year let us know. “But what if we can’t wait?” I hear you ask? Well, Chromatix will have heaps of opportunities to glean new information. From Chromatix Couch – our podcast series – and our Round Table – “our lunch and learn sessions” – We will hope to connect you with relevant information to tackle business in a digital age. Call us, email us and (most importantly) grab a coffee with us if you want to hear more!

Chromatix Connect – Helping people offline

“We always help our clients online, but what would happen if we chose to help them offline line as well…”

We can’t believe Chromatix Connect was already two weeks ago! Chromatix Connect brought a spin to networking, treating it more like business speed dating with a twist than a traditional networking event. We had the pleasure of bringing our amazing clients and friends together for an award-winning 3-course meal to learn, leverage and form amazing connections. We had the privilege of capturing the night thanks to our friends at Thick Black Frames (these guys are amazing story tellers and captured the entire evening perfectly – special thanks to Phil). If you’re interested in being part of the action in 2017. simply email Dan ( and we’ll see you again in 2017!

Chromatix Connect from Chromatix on Vimeo.

Our Office is a Pokemon Pokestop!

Chromatix Pokestop

“So much sweet Pokeball goodness”

With the launch of Pokemon Go (Australia) last week, swarms have taken to the streets on the weekend and from the looks of it, the addiction doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

I don’t know about you, but when you work in a digital agency, it’s hard to ignore the latest and greatest in technology. “Gaming at work” is such an ugly phrase, we prefer “thorough digital research and testing”. It makes it twice as bad when our office itself is a Pokestop (well, it’s only a stone’s throw behind us which practically makes the whole office a treasure trove full of sweet Pokeball goodness).

With the majority of our staff being Pokemon fans, we’re bound to stumble across a few “productivity issues” in the office.